Menace: A Dystopian Fantasy Novel (Paperback)

Menace: A Dystopian Fantasy Novel By Karol Lynne Cover Image
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MENACE is a dystopian fantasy novel that follows the story of Fabian Waters as he tries to rescue his little brother from the hands of the government.

The year is 2099, the world is struggling with global warming, pollution and never-ending wars. America became the continent of all evil, where the current economical state was atrocious - all thanks to one sadistic leader. One of many survivors, Fabian Waters, was destined to take care of his little brother after their parents passing. He failed his quest miserably. But was there a chance to get his little brother back from The Controlling Hands? Yes.

Fabian Waters embarked on a mission to find and rescue his brother Zack. He faced numerous challenges, deaths, betrayal, and heartbreak. He was also stunned by his newfound ability - a superpower that he knew nothing about. Will Fabian save his little brother and save the continent from reaching its final days? Find out by reading MENACE...

Product Details
ISBN: 9786090803431
ISBN-10: 609080343X
Publisher: Karol Lynne
Publication Date: December 9th, 2023
Pages: 296
Language: English