Painful Dilemma (Paperback)

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Are we fighting the wrong war? We are spending millions on the war against drugs while we should be fighting the war against pain with those drugs As you will read in this book, the war on drugs was lost a long time ago and when it comes to the war against pain, pain Is winning An article in USA Today (11/20/02) reveals that dying patients are not getting relief from pain. It seems the doctors are torn between fear of the government, certainly justified, and a clinging to old and out dated ideas about pain, which is NOT justified.A group called Last Acts, a coalition of health-care groups, has released a very discouraging study of all 50 states that nearly half of the 1.6 million Americans living in nursing homes suffer from untreated pain. They said that life was being extended but it amounted to little more than extended pain and suffering.This book offers insight into the history of pain treatment and the current failed philosophies of contemporary medicine. Plus it describes some of today's most advanced treatments for alleviating certain kinds of pain. This book is not another self-help book touting home remedies; rather, Painful Dilemma Patients in Pain People in Prison, takes a hard look at where we've gone wrong and what we (you) can do to help a loved one who is living with chronic pain.The second half of this book is a must read if you value your freedom. We now have the ridiculous and tragic situation of people in pain, living in a government created hell by restriction of narcotics and people in prison for trying to bring pain relief by the selling of narcotics to the suffering. The end result of the 'war on drugs" has been to create the greatest and most destructive cartel in history, so great, in fact, that the drug Mafia now controls most of the world economy.
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Publisher: Douglass Family Publishing LLC
Publication Date: June 9th, 2003
Pages: 256
Language: English