Mortimer and Me: The Moosical (Paperback)

Mortimer and Me: The Moosical By Tom Tate (Illustrator), Kathie McMahon Cover Image
By Tom Tate (Illustrator), Kathie McMahon
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Have you ever seen a moose sing and dance?

Jimmy's fourth grade class is studying the history of Wisconsin, and Mr. Delgado has a slew of activities planned, including salt-dough maps and a living history museum. The final project will be an original musical the students write themselves. While learning all about Wisconsin, Jimmy and the Trailblazers start a petition drive to change the state animal from a badger to a moose. A surprise appearance by Mortimer at the final performance of the musical ensures a place in the town of Peabody's history, if not the whole state of Wisconsin.

Music is like a magic key that can change the world.

Mortimer and Me: The Moosical is the sixth book in the Mortimer and Me chapter book series for ages 6-10.


"The sixth book in the Jimmy and Mortimer series finds JImmy, his friends, and of course Mortimer, engaged in another lively adventure. Mr. Delgado, a teacher making a difference, tasks the class with writing and performing a musical lauding their state, Wisconsin. Both setbacks and successes arise as they head to the deadiine for scripts and rehearsals. The whole book gives facts with fun, and fans of the series will be very happy with this one."

"The Moosical is a charming story that is both entertaining and educational. Jimmy and the Trailblazers are their usual creative selves, and Mortimer the moose steals the show. It's a great read for any age."

"Kathie McMahon's style of writing is descriptive, creative, humorous, and flows so well you just have to keep reading. You can easily visualize what is happening and you feel like you have a front row seat watching it all take place. Tom Tate's illustrations are filled with details and facial expressions that also help the stories come alive. I've fallen in love with Mortimer . . . I want him for a pet "

Download fun curriculum activities for all the books in the Mortimer and Me series at You can also purchase the original musical Life Is So Good in Wisconsin, available in November 2022.

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Publication Date: September 18th, 2022
Pages: 190
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