Beloved Mine (Paperback)

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In "Beloved Mine," enter a captivating realm where vampires and werewolves roam, and an immortal Hybrid named Liam Madison struggles to find the love he craves. As each of his family members finds their own happily ever after, Liam remains haunted by the absence of his soulmate.

Driven to depression and isolation, Liam moves to Miami, seeking an escape from the relentless ache in his heart. In a secluded house, he plans to withdraw from the world and find solace in lethargy. However, fate has a different design for him.

A chance encounter changes everything when he hears the sound of scratching at his door. The scent of cherry blossoms fills the air, awakening his senses and sparking a long-dormant fire within. With an unmistakable realization, his soul and wolf proclaim the presence of his mate - a shapeshifter with her own secrets.

In "Beloved Mine," follow Liam's journey of self-discovery, redemption, and love as he confronts the past, embraces his true nature, and sets his heart on claiming the one who is destined to complete him. Will their entwined destinies prevail, or will the shadows of their pasts threaten to tear them apart? Prepare to be enthralled by a tale of eternal desires and the unbreakable bonds of true love in this enchanting world of supernatural passion.

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ISBN: 9798223235927
Publisher: Kalalea George
Publication Date: September 25th, 2023
Pages: 164
Language: English