Three Thousand Years on the Frontier Book 3: Across the Atlantic 1492-1700 (Paperback)

Three Thousand Years on the Frontier Book 3: Across the Atlantic 1492-1700 By George Parris Cover Image
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Book 3 covers a complicated and exciting period of time where religious and political passions shaped national ambitions.Spain and Portugal followed by France, Britain and the Dutch fight in Europe, on the Seas and in the New World.While Spain, Portugal and France treated the New World as merely a place to exploit resources for European consumption. In Britain itself, the pendulum swung from Catholic to non-Catholic rule creating a Civil War and a flow of British settlers especially from Ireland and Scotland to colonies in the New World. Catholic persecution of non-Catholics in France resulted in a colonization movement from France and Germany via Britain into 13 British colonies on the east coast of North America.Because of the flow of ocean and atmospheric currents, the trip from Britain carried early settlers Barbados and from Barbados to New England, New York, Philadelphia, Jamestown and Charles Town. This was the path taken by the early P-R-S families. who were often associated with seaborne trade and transportation. My male relatives map out sea lanes from Plymouth to Bergen along the west Scottish coast; Plymouth to Copenhagen and Antwerp along the English Channel; Plymouth to Caruana to the Azores and the Canaries and Puerto Rico. The sailors left their DNA but not their names on isolated islands, where "they never met a girl they did not like.
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