Freight Broker and Trucking Company Business Startup Guide 2021-2023: The Complete Start Up Manual for Beginners and Pro to Become A Freight Broker an (Paperback)

Freight Broker and Trucking Company Business Startup Guide 2021-2023: The Complete Start Up Manual for Beginners and Pro to Become A Freight Broker an By Jonah Christopher Cover Image
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Everyone thinks of owning a business from time to time, and being a freight broker is a lucrative and fulfilling career. If you're able to play your cards well, you can earn well over $100,000 per year.People tend to be scared of taking the plunge because they have no access to substantial funds and are scared of losing the security that comes with a steady paycheck. Basically, failure is the biggest reason why people never try. Without a roadmap starting a trucking and freight Broker Company will seem complicated and can even lead to pitfalls that you can avoid if you have the right knowledge. Most people looking to go into starting up their own trucking and freight Broker Company make similar mistakes with respect to their planning and execution. They might not end up making profits like they expected and wouldn't be able to figure out the reason why it's so. With this book, you can get great tips and a guide on how you can start up your own trucking and freight Broker Company. This book's contents will help you maximize your chances of freedom and make good profits in less time compared to trying to figure out everything by yourself. Some of the interesting things you'll get a chance of learning by reading this book include:
  • The Participants
  • How They Started
  • Specialist or Generalist?
  • Who Minds the Store?
  • How Does a Trucking Business Work?
  • Benefits of Having a Trucking Company
  • Experience You Need to Become a Freight Broker
  • How to Select a High-Quality Freight Broker
  • Tips for Running a Trucking Business Successful
  • Tips Towards Bесоming a Successful Freight Broker
  • A Typical Day as a Freight Broker
  • How to Earn Big as a New Freight Broker
  • Steps to Getting New Customers
  • Essential Skills of a Trucking Broker
  • Trucking Broker's Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Facts on File
  • Finding Carriers
  • Rates and Commissions
  • Documents
  • Transit Delays
  • Cargo Loss or Damage Claims
  • Responding to Problems
  • Putting It All In Writing
  • The Agent Option
  • Naming Your Company
  • Branding Your Business
  • Trademarking Your Business Name
  • Choosing Legal Structure
  • Insurance
  • Professional Advisors
  • Basic Office Equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Buying or Leasing a Truck
  • Educate Your Customers with Online Contents
  • Basic Positions
  • Evaluating Applications
  • The High Cost of Turnover
  • Why is Training Important?
  • Features of Good Trucking Software
  • Subscription and Fees for Freight Program
  • Freight Brokerage Software
  • Benefits of Freight Brokerage Software
  • Causes of Accessorial Charges
  • Possible Accessorial Charges that can Occur
  • How to Cold call
  • Does Cold Calling Script Work?
  • What Can Make Up a Cold Calling Script?
  • How to Prepare an Effective Cold Calling Script
  • Market Research
  • Choosing a Niche
  • How to Communicate With Your Customers
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Outsourcing Opportunity
  • How to Negotiate Rates
  • Social Media and Your Business
  • Job Description of a Dispatcher
  • Qualities of a Dispatcher
  • Things a Dispatcher Should Do Regularly
  • How to Successfully Dispatch Freight
  • Freight Claim Management
  • Freight Claim Dispute
  • How to Write a Freight Claim
  • And many more....
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