A Lion's Hunt (Paperback)

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One of life's greatest joys is finding the love of your life. And one of life's greatest tragedies is losing the love of your life. How do you survive that? Can you survive that? In A Lion's Hunt, author Roberto Sanchez Jr. not only proves that you can but also that you can-and will-go on to love again. But first, you need to learn how by learning where you went wrong. The quest for true love is timeless. Since mankind first drew breath, the longing for deep love and lasting connection has been-and still is-the deepest desire of the human heart. Both folklore and real-life stories are filled with the lengths-and the depths-that people have gone to find and then hang onto love. And both are filled with the despair when they fail to do so.

That is where A Lion's Hunt is a lifesaver and a game changer. In evocative, straightforward language, Sanchez shares his personal journey through heartbreak and the hard-won, transformative lessons he learned along the way. He reveals why subconsciously your present relationship competes with your past relationship, and if that is actually a positive thing, as well as the importance of obtaining closure of a former relationship before becoming involved in a new one. But the key foundational quality of a healthy love relationship is self-respect, and Sanchez shows you why that is and how to achieve that. Hopeless romantics of all ages and genders will find in these pages that true romantic love is not hopeless after all. A Lion's Hunt is the perfect guide to help them rejuvenate their love relationships, beginning with their relationship with themselves.

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ISBN: 9798822911369
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: July 18th, 2023
Pages: 48
Language: English