My Stomach Hurts: A Tale of Anxiety (Paperback)

My Stomach Hurts: A Tale of Anxiety By J. Mascia Cover Image
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A new coming-of-age novel hits the market about Nicole - a 10-year-old girl with an undiagnosed anxiety disorder who struggles to cope through challenging life circumstances.

Meet Nicole, a sweet-natured 10-year-old with long brown hair, a comforting pink teddy bear, and a far-from-easy life to live.

For Nicole, home life is volatile. School is hard to endure. It constantly feels like she's sick, but doctors can't find a cause or reason that explains why her stomach hurts so much. Nicole suffers from something unknown to her; something more than physical, and it's up to her alone to figure out how to cope and why she has these feelings.

In My Stomach Hurts: A Tale of Anxiety, readers view life experiences through Nicole's eyes while she deals with unpredictable family situations, tumultuous friendships, and the everyday challenges of simply growing up.

Embark on a journey of living with anxiety alongside Nicole. The narrative follows her from age 10 to age 15, all the while illustrating how one small girl can learn how to push through and cope with her anxiety disorder.

The novel carries a resounding message of hope, strength, and endurance throughout the pages. It brings relatable life circumstances to the spotlight - demonstrating how anxiety can warp reality into a marred, difficult to deal with hurdle.

Written to be accessible to readers of all ages, My Stomach Hurts gives a voice to anyone who copes with anxiety and seeks to find a lasting solution to their churning stomach, fast-beating heart, and racing mind.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798822942042
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2024
Pages: 196
Language: English