Bishop's Endgame: Sequel to the movie classic Spy Game (Hardcover)

Bishop's Endgame: Sequel to the movie classic Spy Game By Michael Frost Beckner Cover Image
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"A chess game...laid out in the real world of espionage." BRAD PITT, Spy Game

Tom Bishop: All right, so what else? What else do I need to know?

Nathan Muir: Put away some money so you can die someplace warm. And don't ever touch it. Not for anyone. Ever.

Bishop: Okay, is that it?

Nathan Muir: Don't ever risk your life for an asset if it comes down to you or them...send flowers.

Ten years have passed since Nathan Muir rescued Tom Bishop from a Suzhou Prison and escaped the CIA for good. Now, all his former agents have suddenly vanished leaving the CIA blinded around the globe.

Then a coded message comes in from Malaysia with astonishing news: a lone spy has survived the mysterious purge. There's just one catch. He'll only reveal himself to the man Langley trusts less and despises more than Nathan Muir: Tom Bishop...

"Lovers of epic, complex espionage thrillers will devour this sprawling Spy Game sequel." EDITOR'S PICK - Publishers Weekly


Told by remarkably hapless but doggedly faithful CIA lawyer Russell Aiken, in Bishop's Endgame, Tom Bishop and Nathan Muir will have their final face-off along a border between two countries, two centuries, two world orders; between life and death and two versions of themselves: who they want to be and who the Spy Game makes them.

"A thinking man's thriller... A real adrenaline blast... I loved it " ROBERT REDFORD, Spy Game

Buy Now and return to the world of Nathan Muir and Tom Bishop but be warned: in Spy Game, "It's not how you play the game... It's how the game plays you."

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ISBN: 9798985597431
Publisher: Montrose Station Press LLC
Publication Date: September 5th, 2022
Pages: 506
Language: English