Curse of Lies and Darkness (Hardcover)

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This Debut Novel by V.A. Haugen is an inspired retelling of a beloved classic, Jim Hensen's Labyrinth, mixed with elements from Beauty and the Beast, the Chronicles of Narnia and A Court of Thorns and Roses and a splash of Greek Mythology. This new take on Astraea "the Star-Maiden" Greek Mythology will leave you with questions to seek answers to.

A wish made in heartbreak, a curse that must be broken and a prophecy that spoke of it all. You can't die from a broken heart, you only wish you could.

"It is not wise to wish to the Goblin King. He is cruel and deceitful. He has no remorse, he knows no mercy. There is always a price to pay. The Goblin King will take whatever it is you offer him and not think twice about taking it."

Growing up, Serra listened to the stories her nona spoke about. The stories of the Lost Fae and Inirea, the city of Immortals, and the terrifying stories of The Goblin King. Making a wish to The Goblin King is foolish and will only lead to your demise.

However, that's what Serra wants. Her life has always been hard. Everyone she's ever loved has left her; her family, her first love. Even her villagers have turned their backs on her and whisper rumors. Plagued by her sorrow and grief, leaving her with a broken heart and longing for love, she wishes for her suffering to end.

His price? Her memories. Gladly.

But, when the spells and lies from The Goblin King begin to unravel, Serra's memories hold a much deeper meaning than she could have imagined. Learning the truth about herself and who The Goblin King really is, leaves Serra with a dark choice to make: let the memories of her past take over, or accept her role in all of this.

This is book 1 of 3 for the Lost Fae Series.

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ISBN: 9798987635438
Publisher: V.A. Haugen
Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
Pages: 396
Language: English