Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy: Classic Regional Approach with Latin Terminology (Kobo eBook)

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This is the Latin terminology edition. For students and clinical professionals who are learning anatomy, participating in a dissection lab, sharing anatomy knowledge with patients, or refreshing their anatomy knowledge, the Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy illustrates the body, region by region, in clear, brilliant detail from a clinician’s perspective. Unique among anatomy atlases, it contains illustrations that emphasize anatomic relationships that are most important to the clinician in training and practice. Illustrated by clinicians, for clinicians, it contains more than 550 exquisite plates plus dozens of carefully selected radiologic images for common views.

  • Presents world-renowned, superbly clear views of the human body from a clinical perspective, with paintings by Dr. Frank Netter as well as Dr. Carlos A. G. Machado, one of today’s foremost medical illustrators.
  • Content guided by expert anatomists and educators: R. Shane Tubbs, Paul E. Neumann, Jennifer K. Brueckner-Collins, Martha Johnson Gdowski, Virginia T. Lyons, Peter J. Ward, Todd M. Hoagland, Brion Benninger, and an international Advisory Board.
  • Offers region-by-region coverage, including muscle table appendices at the end of each section and quick reference notes on structures with high clinical significance in common clinical scenarios.
  • Contains new illustrations by Dr. Machado including clinically important or difficult to understand areas such as the Cavitas pelvis, Fossa temporalis and Fossa infratemporalis, Conchae nasi, and more.
  • Features new nerve tables devoted to the Nervi craniales, Plexus cervicalis, Plexus brachialis, and Plexus lumbosacralis.
  • Uses updated terminology based on the international anatomic standard, Terminologia Anatomica, with common clinical eponyms included.
  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
  • Provides access to extensive digital content: every plate in the Atlas?and over 100 bonus plates including illustrations from previous editions?is enhanced with an interactive label quiz option.

Also available:

Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy: Classic Regional Approach -With US English terminology.

Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy: A Systems Approach—With US English terminology. Same content as the classic regional approach, but organized by body system.

All options contain the same table material and 550+ illustrated plates painted by clinician artists, Frank H. Netter, MD, and Carlos Machado, MD.

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ISBN-13: 9780323760249
Publisher: Elsevier
Publication Date: June 29th, 2022