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“Gardeners trapped inside on a rainy day need only two things to get by—a cup of chocolate in their left hand and One Man’s Garden in their right.” —Southern Living

This “wonderful” essay collection from the former Washington Post columnist and author of The Essential Earthman (Horticulture) offers a harvest of sharp observations and humorous adventures gathered during a year in the garden—along with much down-to-earth advice.

“A year’s worth of wry observations about the peculiarities and pleasures of gardening . . . His book, designed primarily for small town gardens of less than a quarter-acre, and written from the relatively balmy perspective of Washington, D.C. (climatic zone 5), is the perfect makings of a winter read for those planning next year’s garden. Mitchell’s chatty style is entertaining as well as informative . . . Water gardeners in particular will enjoy Mitchell’s obsession with water lilies, other aquatic plants and fish.” —Publishers Weekly

“An experienced gardener/environmentalist who mixes solid gardening information along with the right blend of humor and human interest.” —Library Journal

“Every page is filled with his irascible, wholly unpretentious voice. He never tries to be funny or erudite. He just is.” —The New York Times

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ISBN-13: 9780547345802
Publisher: Mariner Books
Publication Date: April 13th, 1999