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Understanding of bacterial genetics and genomics is fundamental to understanding bacteria and higher organisms, as well. Novel insights in the fields of genetics and genomics are challenging the once clear borders between the characteristics of bacteria and other life. Biological knowledge of the bacterial world is being viewed under a new light with input from genetic and genomics. Replication of bacterial circular and linear chromosomes, coupled (and uncoupled) transcription and translation, multiprotein systems that enhance survival, wide varieties of ways to control gene and protein expression, and a range of other features all influence the diversity of the microbial world. This text acknowledges that readers have varied knowledge of genetics and microbiology. Therefore, information is presented progressively, to enable all readers to understand the more advanced material in the book.

This second edition of Bacterial Genetics and Genomics updates the information from the first edition with advances made over the past five years. This includes descriptions for 10 types of secretion systems, bacteria that can be seen with the naked eye, and differences between coupled transcription-translation and the uncoupled runaway transcription in bacteria. Topic updates include advances in bacteriophage therapy, biotechnology, and understanding bacterial evolution.

Key Features

  • Genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics integrated in one place
  • Over 400 full-colour illustrations explain concepts and mechanisms throughout and are available to instructors for download
  • A section dedicated to the application of genetics and genomics techniques, including a chapter devoted to laboratory techniques, which includes useful tips and recommendations for protocols, in addition to troubleshooting and alternative strategies
  • Bulleted key points summarize each chapter
  • Extensive self-study questions related to the chapter text and several discussion topics for study groups to explore further

This book is extended and enhanced through a range of digital resources that include:

  • Interactive online quizzes for each chapter
  • Flashcards that allow the reader to test their understanding of key terms from the book
  • Useful links for online resources associated with Chapters 16 and 17
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