F*ck You, I'm Irish (Kobo eBook)

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An in-your-face collection of trivia that’s sure to inspire chest-thumping pride in everyone of Irish descent.

Is there anyone who does not think the Irish are the greatest people on Earth? Before stepping outside to convince them, first peacefully impart upon any misinformed bar patrons the incontrovertible evidence presented in F*ck You, I’m Irish. Amazing accomplishment or astounding person, if it bleeds kelly green and it’s feckin’ great, it’s in this book.

Irish pride has sparked parades, breakfast cereal, beer, riots, international holidays, the fame of Liam Neeson, sports mascots, more beer, and now, this fun and fascinating book. In its pages, Irish culture, history, and general weirdness come to life with snappy entries on everything from snake-chasing saints, cute hoors, and ruthless independence fighters to acclaimed authors, superstar rock bands, and fair-skinned super models.

Forget about the leprechaun dolls, T-shirts, hats, wigs, and green beer that people buy every St. Paddy’s Day! With true stories of immigrant struggles, rollicking wakes, hurling shenanigans, and Guinness-fueled escapades, F*ck You, I’m Irish offers a far better way to celebrate one’s heritage than a manky “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” button.

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ISBN-13: 9781612434179
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Publication Date: March 30th, 2015