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A journey through the three pathways of time--present, past, and future--to open yourself to shamanic visions

• Presents shamanic tools to help you prepare to receive visions, release the burdens of the past, and bring clarity to your visions of the future

• Shares Earth Whispering practices to expand the senses, set intentions, and connect deeply with intuition and spirit helpers

• Offers advice on working with guides and soul protectors as well as the different realms a guide might emerge from

Visionaries dream the future into life, and throughout the ages shamans have served this role within their communities. Yet, how does one as an individual open to visions and allow the messages we need to hear to come through? Enter the stage of Shamanic Dreaming for a playful, evocative rendezvous with circle consciousness.

In this shamanic guide, visionary Carol Day shows how to access our creative potential to shape a strong vision for ourselves and others, connecting intimately to the world around with the support of seen and unseen realms. Earth whispering practices prepare for shamanic visioning by expanding the senses; we open up to different dimensions and initiate a conscious relationship with nature, myth, and archetype through the creativity wheel.

A time travel adventure through present, past, and future lands connects us with the ancestors and the future ones. Working with nature portals on the land and attuning with nature and animal guides, we visit the past to heal our ancestral lines. Visiting the future ones, we understand the importance of what we hold today in creating the environments and conditions of the future. Closing the circle to the present, our longing finds us ready to bring clarity to our own visions. Ingeniously crafted, Shamanic Dreaming provides us with all the practical skills needed for insightful visionary questing.

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ISBN-13: 9781644117040
Publisher: Findhorn Press
Publication Date: February 6th, 2023