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The historical gap between '' The Abbot'' and "Kenilworth" is very slight. The latter deals with Queen Mary's '' sister and foe, the celebrated Elizabeth," says Scott. "The interest of the story is thrown upon that period when the sudden death of the first Countess of Leicester seemed to open to the ambition of her husband the opportunity of sharing the crown of his sovereign." The story gives a fine picture of the haughty Queen surrounded by her courtiers and men famous in history. Edward Tressilian, a young gentleman who has loved Amy Robsart, a maiden of good family, is distressed to hear that she is living sequestered in a country villa near Oxford. Believing her dishonored, he makes his way thither and entreats her to return to her father. She refuses, throwing out hints of a high and honorable alliance. Leaving in despair, he fights with Richard Varney, whom he suspects of base dealing toward Amy, but Varney is saved by the intervention of Lambourne. Varney is, in fact, only the tool and lieutenant of "England's proudest earl," Leicester, who, having become enamored of Amy Robsart, has recently persuaded her to enter into a secret but lawful marriage with him. The earl has fitted up the country nest of his bride—Cumnor Place—in truly regal style, but Amy is guarded by Varney and a surly steward named Foster, whose daughter is her sole maid ...