Open Mic: You're Going to Die: Poetry, Prose & Everything Goes

The nonprofit collective You're Going to Die (YG2D), "a creatively conscious mortality movement," presents an open mic event.

From the organizers:
"Join us for a communal offering to explore the conversation of death and dying, to embrace our losses and mortality, to grieve, bereave, and honor those we’ve lost and love … all while making room for simply being ALIVE. Whether our own deaths feel near or far away, whether we have the privilege of coasting through life in denial of our eventual deaths and the deaths of those we love, or whether we are face to face with it all too often—most of us have something to say about it. In a world that would rather sweep sadness, anger, confusion, and grief under the rug, we will make a space for it together."

Sign up on event night to perform, and keep it under 5 minutes. Poetry, prose, music, dancing, comedy, drama, happy, sad—everything goes.