The Never Rad Miscellany
Never Rad

If you’re in the mood for an evening of storytelling, comedy, and science fiction in a great venue, look no further. The Never Rad Miscellany is an anthology podcast done in the style of old-time radio drama, with voice actors performing together live.

And what’s a live performance without a live audience? Recorded monthly in front of the most intelligent, best-looking people in the Valley—that’s you!— the show features local Phoenix writers and actors performing sci-fi sketches and recurring stories. With both new and continuing stories every show, you’ll get the chance to meet alien investigators, robot sidekicks, elite Star Force captains, and normal human people who definitely aren’t eldritch horrors from the vast depths of space. The Miscellany is perfect for fans of all of the things you personally are already a fan of: Welcome to Night Vale, pizza, Futurama, Star Trek, the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and afternoon naps. Curious? Check out previous episodes at and join us for our next live show.