Panel Discussion: Why Is There No Great Arizona Novel?

Panel Discussion: Why Is There No Great Arizona Novel?

Phoenix New Times presents a discussion exploring the question of "The Great Arizona Novel."

According to moderator and former Arizona Republic writer Tom Zoellner, it's a primary mystery about our state: Despite astonishing physical beauty and an abundance of human stories, why has there been no single novel that explains Arizona's manifest contradictions? Several past contenders make strong efforts but ultimately fall short. Tonight, a panel of academics, journalists, and writers review Arizona's 150-year novelistic heritage and ask what it might take for some as-yet-unknown practitioner of fiction to write "The Great Arizona Novel."

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Panelists include Greg McNamee (former editor, University of Arizona Press), Bill Wyman (cultural commentator, Al Jazeera America), Alberto Ríos (Arizona's inaugural Poet Laureate) and local Tempe author Deborah Sussman.