Stella Pope Duarte: Blanco, The Little Donkey That Saved Christmas: Blanco, El burrito que salvó la Navidad
Stella Pope Duarte

This event is free and open to the public. No registration required.

Bilingual storytime and book signing with legendary Arizona author Stella Pope Duarte.

  • Masks are strongly encouraged.


Blanco, the Little Donkey That Saved Christmas is teased and bullied by the other animals, he is considered strange or from another planet and even scary because if they get too close, they might become white as snow too! With legs too weak to carry burdens, the animals laugh at Blanco, for each one of them has an important task to do for the farmer, and now Blanco will not be able to do anything of worth. Blanco's mother is the only one who believes that someday her son will do something very important.

Through Blanco's problems, children will come to understand how wrong it is to bully others. On Christmas Eve, everything will change for Blanco and children will experience excitement and a sense of power as he meets Santa Claus and the impossible becomes possible. Blanco's joyful brays will ring through the dark Christmas night, "Hee, Haw!" Hee, Haw!"

Nationally acclaimed author, Stella Pope Duarte, brings to life an unforgettable story for children and adults of all ages who crave a story of impossible dreams. A life-long educator, Duarte has worked with students and educators from Head Start to university and graduate programs. As an Artist in Residence for Arizona, she worked in multiple classrooms, inspiring young writers with her stories and uniquely crafted activities. A nominee for the Pulitzer Prize, her writing has garnered numerous awards, including the American Book Award; Southwest Book of the Year Award; AZ Highways Book of the Year Award; Book Sense '76 Selection, and the Women in American History Award. Her love for young readers is the reason for her first children's book: Blanco, the Little Donkey That Saved Christmas, and in Spanish, Blanco El Burrito Que Salvó La Navidad. Blanco is a little snow-white donkey with silver-gray eyes, so different from the other farm animals. It is being different that creates in Blanco a hero's heart and an irresistible attraction for readers young and old. Duarte was born and raised in La Sonorita Barrio in South Phoenix. She can be reached at