Sandie Troup: Journal Your Way to Success

The local author shares her self-published guide to organize your life with intention.

"Mindful self-care is the key to success at work or at home! It helps individuals prioritize self-care by taking one hour a day to engage in six activities and journal about the experience, plans, and ideas they inspire. The goal is to become more organized, more successful in your career, stronger physically, and find more balance and peace in both your personal and professional lives."

Sandie Troup grew up in Danville, California and moved to Mesa, Arizona in 2017. She lives nine months out of the year now in Mesa and spends summers in Colorado. She has 30 years of experience as a Corporate Executive Recruiter and Career Coach, where she has helped global organizations manage complex recruitment programs and has hired thousands of qualified candidates. Seven years ago, she started her own business, where she is focused on career coaching. Sandie offers professional guidance and support with the entire employment process. She is passionate about her career, family, and living a healthy balanced life.