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Offsite | Project Hieroglyph presents "Stories and Visions for a Better Future"
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Doors and will-call open at 6pm.

Tonight, nine "Project Hieroglyph" science fiction authors, scientists, engineers, and other experts share their ambitious, optimistic visions of the near future.

Tonight's presentors include science fiction author and essayist MADELINE ASHBY (Machine Dynasty), Aurora Award-winner KARL SCHROEDER (Lockstep), Clarke Award-finalist KATHLEEN ANN GOONAN (Queen City Jazz), Zygote Games founder JAMES L. CAMBIAS (A Darkling Sea), acclaimed cosmologist and astrobiologist PAUL DAVIES (The Eerie Silence), science fiction and fantasy anthologist KATHRYN CRAMER (Year's Best SF), ASU's Director of the Center for Science and Imagination ED FINN, futurist BRENDA COOPER (Creative Fire) and legendary Locus, Nebula, and Hugo award-winning author KIM STANLEY ROBINSON (2312 and Red Mars).

Project Hieroglyph, founded by New York Times bestseller Neal Stephenson, is a group of experts and authors that aim to rekindle humanity's grand ambitions for the future through the power of storytelling. In his 2011 article "Innovation Starvation," Stephenson argued that we — the society whose scientists and engineers witnessed the airplane, the automobile, nuclear energy, the computer, and space exploration — must reignite our ambitions to think boldly and Do Big Stuff. Join us for an evening uniting leading thinkers, writers and visionaries to offer alternatives to the gloomy dystopian images that pervade our culture. We'll discuss topics ranging from architecture and engineering to education, sustainability and neuroscience and share stories and visions of better futures we could build today.

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MADELINE ASHBY is a science fiction writer and strategic foresight consultant based in Toronto. She is the author of vN (2012) and iD (2013), the first two novels in her Machine Dynasty series. Her fiction has appeared in Nature, FLURB, Tesseracts, Imaginarium, and Escape Pod. Her essays and criticism have appeared at Boing Boing, io9, WorldChanging, Creators Project, Arcfinity, and

KARL SCHROEDER divides his time between writing fiction and analyzing the future impact of science and technology on society. He is the author of nine novels and has pioneered a new mode of writing that blends fiction and rigorous futures research: Crisis in Zefra (2005) and Crisis in Urlia (2011) were commissioned by the Canadian army as research tools. Karl holds a master's degree in strategic foresight and innovation from OCAD University in Toronto.

KATHLEEN ANN GOONAN is a science fiction author, educator, and critic. Her debut novel, Queen City Jazz (1994), was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, and her novel In War Times (2007) won the John W. Campbell Award for Best Science Fiction Novel. She is a visiting professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

JAMES L. CAMBIAS is a science fiction author and game designer. His short stories have been featured in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Nature, and the Journal of Pulse-Pounding Narratives. He is a cofounder of Zygote Games, codesigned Bone Wards: The Game of Ruthless Paleontology, and has written or contributed to books for a number of tabletop role-playing games.

PAUL DAVIES is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, astrobiologist, and best-selling author. He is a regents' professor, director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, and co-director of the Cosmology Initiative at Arizona State University. His award-winning books include The Eerie Silence (2010), The Goldilocks Enigma (2007), How to Build a Time Machine (2007), and The Mind of God (1992).

KATHRYN CRAMER is co-editor for Project Hieroglyph, and was co-editor of The Year's Best Fantasy and The Year's Best SF series with David G. Hartwell. She is on the editorial board of The New York Review of Science Fiction, which has been nominated for the Hugo Award many times, and won a World Fantasy Award for her anthology The Architecture of Fear (1987).

ED FINN is co-editor for Project Hieroglyph and the founding director of the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University, where he is an assistant professor with a joint appointment in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering and the Department of English.

BRENDA COOPER is a science fiction author, futurist, and technology professional. She is the chief information officer for the city of Kirkland, Washington, and a member of the Futurist Board for the Lifeboat Foundation. Brenda is the author of seven novels, including The Silver Ship and the Sea, which won the Endeavor Award in 2008

KIM STANLEY ROBINSON is a New York Times bestseller and winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus awards. He is the author of more than twenty books, including the bestselling Mars trilogy and the critically acclaimed Forty Signs of Rain, The Years of Rice and Salt and 2312. In 2008, he was named a "Hero of the Environment" by Time magazine, and he works with the Sierra Nevada Research Institute.