Michelle Frost: "Organize This! DIY Tips from a Professional"

There's no better time for getting organized than now!

Kickstart 2019 with a motivating presentation by organizer Michelle Frost who will share professional tips for living simply and staying clutter-free in the new year. When the stuff of life becomes a mountain to climb, an organizer will help you tackle big projects and create new habits for easier living.

Organizing is involved in every aspect of life, from food storage, pantry and refrig, to closets, clothing & laundry, time management, work space, household maintenance, even self care. How you feel is strongly influenced by your surroundings. Home should be a sanctuary. Freeing up and redesigning space, finding more efficient use of and placement of furniture, clearing stacks and files of paper, maximizing closet and cupboard space, can improve how you feel. An organizer will help you tackle those big projects and give you tips for keeping ahead of the clutter.

This is a free event.

MICHELLE FROST has been helping clients to get organized in Portland, Oregon until her recent relocation to the Valley where she attended high school and graduated from ASU's Business College. Michelle is a writer and photographer, and for 20 years she was a children's bookseller. Organizing a new business and this cross-country move has been challenging and exciting. Helping others to simplify and better enjoy their lives is her mission.