Write Here, Write Now | Dan McDermott: "Beginnings and Beginnings"
6-7:30PM MONDAY, JULY 27

Need ideas to help you start writing? Join us for a monthly pop-up workshop co-presented by Phoenix College and ASU's Piper Center for Creative Writing.

Each session includes a 30-minute mini-class and a writing prompt exploring some aspect of craft—setting, dialogue, character development, etc.—followed by focused writing time and the opportunity to read your work to the group.

This workshop will be hosted online as part of our virtual event series.

Tonight, assistant editor of The Southampton Review, rock and roll journalist, fiction writer, and teacher Dan McDermott continues the series with "Beginnings and Beginnings."

The opening sentence of a short story, novel, memoir, essay, or any type of writing that purports to be a narrative, must arrest the reader's attention and foreshadow what's to come—both in quality and subject. This workshop will discuss how to begin writing and what to begin it with. We will dissect the openings of several master works, discuss ways in which a strong beginning directs the ending, talk about ways to create conflict from the start, how an engaging start will keep you going, and write some openings of our own.

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