Christine Swanberg: Wild Fruition: Sonnets, Spells, and Other Incantations
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Visiting poet Christine Swanberg reads from her newest collection. Wild Fruition: Sonnets, Spells, and Other Incantations casts a wide net.  The featured reading will be followed by an open reading.

With an emotional and thematic four-octave range and a mix of formal and free verse style, the book is divided into sections with something for everyone: Your Great Adventure, A Dark Thread, Winter Spell, Ask the Gardener, and Wild Fruition.

Christine will be reading poems that appeal to a Southwestern and wide sensibility: "Convertible Mind on the High Road to Taos," "What Sedona Says," and "Santa Fe Logic." For gardeners and nature lovers, poems such as "Ask the Gardener," and "Hummingbird Whisperer" may resonate. Universal themes such as coping with darkness and aging will flavor the reading as well as other poignant and light-hearted selections. Spirituality glows in poems such as "Secret Shaman" and "Entering the Chant." A visiting poet from Northern Illinois, Christine takes her craft seriously. In this collection and reading, both free verse and formal verse make diverse selections. Her poetry and readings are accessible and simple, but brew with life under the surface.

Christine Swanberg has published hundreds of poems in journals such as AVOCET, BELOIT POETRY JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE REVIEW, SPOON RIVER QUARTERLY, and June Cotner anthologies: EARTH BLESSINGS, GARDEN BLESSINGS, GRATITUDE PRAYERS, and BACK TO JOY. Her collections include TONIGHT ON THIS LATE ROAD (Erie St, 1984), INVISIBLE STRING (Erie St., 1989), SLOW MIRACLE (Lake Shore, 1990), BREAD UPON THE WATERS (Windfall Prophets, UW, 1991), THE TENDERNESS OF MEMORY (Plainview, 1995), THE RED LACQUER ROOM (Chiron, 2000), and WHO WALKS AMONG THE TREES WITH CHARITY (Wind, 2005), THE ALLELUIA TREE (Puddin'head Press, 2012) and her newest, WILD FRUITION: SONNETS, SPELLS, AND OTHER INCANTATIONS (Puddin'head Press, 2017). Interviewed in POET'S MARKET, she has won awards for community impact, the YWCA Award for the Arts, and the Womanspirit Award. Gardening, horses, traveling, music, animals, nature, and various kinds of love are passions that inform her work. She gives readings and workshops around the country.