Terry E. Mills: A Hospice Heart
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Terry E. Mills shares stories of patients and their journeys on the hospice highway.

She also shares the poetry that was inspired by — and written for — those with whom she travelled alongside through uncertainty. Terry's stories reveal the unfolding relationship between poet and patient. Their stories are waiting to be heard.

This book was created by insatiable desire. It was carved into being through unforgettable experiences. Terry was compelled to write
A Hospice Heart: The Painful Journey to Joy, by an education that demanded validation for those whose stories longed to be heard. Terry was led to the endeavor like a sapling reaches for the sunlight. It was (as she says), in hindsight, a natural process and outcome.

These pages contain small pieces of multiple journeys. The content was determined by the patient narrative. Terry wrote the patient's truths through a discerning lens and shared experience. She was happy to meet them where they were, without judgment. Terry's goal was service while holding a loving presence for those she served. Undoubtably, these meaningful journeys increased the size of her world, exponentially. This book and these stories are not meant to be devoured but rather savored, slowly and incrementally – then revisited.

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TERRY E. MILLS is a native of Phoenix. She has worked in the medical field, in various roles for 30+ years. She has a Bachelors Degree, in Leadership and a Masters Degree in Social Work. She has worked in hospice for 12 years as a Social Worker, Spiritual Care Coordinator, and a Chaplain. She recently published the book: A Hospice Heart: The Painful Journey to Joy. She is an Author, a Poet, a Presenter, an Educator, and a Story Teller. Terry has presented in a wide variety of venues around the valley for 20 years. She has written original, individual poetry for many of her patients and families.
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ISBN: 9781727290486
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Published: Terry E. Mills - January 1st, 2018