Tom Hatten: Dream On
Book Cover

Founder and CEO of Mountainside Fitness Tom Hatten shares his memoir.

At just 22, and with no experience or inkling of what would lie ahead, entrepreneur Tom Hatten had a dream to start a health and fitness business. He took his entire savings of $2000 and built Arizona's leading fitness empire: 17 locations; 1,400 employees. But Tom's real life 30-year journey isn't just an account of growing a successful business; this true story takes us to heady highs and crashing lows (including bankruptcy, jail time, and a horrific personal tragedy). It leaves no stone unturned, both personally and professionally, inspiring you to discover your own hidden strengths, and giving each of us the courage to Dream On.

Tom Hatten is founder and CEO of Mountainside Fitness. He strongly values community, and he has dedicated his time and resources, not only to helping people live healthier lifestyles, but also to social responsibility. Born in Austin, Minnesota, he's lived in Arizona for all but 6 months of his life. Tom is also a motivational speaker to many business organizations, colleges, high schools and churches. His talks cover a number of subjects, including entrepreneurship, economics, and corporate community involvement.