Amanda Kehrberg: Tiny Film School

This workshop will be hosted online as part of our virtual event series.

Have you ever wanted to pitch articles about the latest shows to binge, start your own review blog, or just spice up your social media hot takes? Have you heard that a movie had “great cinematography” and wanted to know more? Whether you’re a classic film fan or a streaming casual, this workshop will give you a crash course in how movies and TV tell stories.

Through mini-lectures and activities, you'll learn how to analyze the meaning contained in a single shot. We’ll cover camera angles and movement, lighting, editing, and mise-en-scene (basically, everything you see in the frame). We’ll trace the history of today’s heavily parodied montages all the way back to the experiments of Soviet filmmaker Lev Kuleshov. After two hours of tiny film school, you’ll leave with the toolkit to be a more engaged viewer – or reviewer.

Co-Hosted by Fly Paper

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  • Cost: $35 per person, for one (1) session.
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Amanda Kehrberg is a writer and instructor with a passion for movies good, bad, and ugly. She has taught courses on digital media, writing about film, and screenwriting, and published both freelance entertainment reviews and academic articles, including a forthcoming book chapter about Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Find her at heyamandakate.com.