Christine Maassen: Finding Purpose

This workshop will be hosted online as part of our virtual event series.

How to gain clarity about what matters to you. Perhaps you think that finding purpose is the privilege of a select few and somewhat beyond reach. The truth is, we all have one and there is a great deal of insight to be uncovered through your experiences. If you give yourself time and space for reflection with curiosity and an open mind, you will discover the foundation for our best life.

Join us for an interactive and insightful session where we will demystify the concept of purpose. We will engage in discussions and exercises aimed at helping you gain clarity about what you love, what energizes you, and help you think about how it aligns with what the world needs. By the end of the session, you will be able to create a plan to dig further and, who knows, maybe you’ll meet a partner to share this journey with.

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  • Cost: $39 per person, for one (1) session.
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Christine Maassen’s career encompasses a dual path of corporate senior roles in operations and human capital management. Christine held C-level roles in organizations of all kinds (private and public) and all sizes in diverse industries. She has dedicated several decades to building workplaces that are fueled by values and focused on outcomes while never losing sight of its people’s needs. It’s possible. In 2019, Christine established Thrive 360°, a consulting practice dedicated to Bringing Humanity to Work. She is passionate about helping individuals find their best way forward and is committed to being a catalyst for positive change. A Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), Christine is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and a Certified Executive Coach (CEC). As Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, she incorporates the research of Dr. Brené Brown into both her life and her work. Christine is also certified with the emotional intelligence assessment EQ-I 2.0 and EQ-360.