Jeredith Merrin: "Poetry: Louise Gluck, Nobel Prize Poet 2020"
6:30-8:30PM (9:30-11:30PM ET) MONDAYS, MARCH 29 | APRIL 5, 12, AND 19

This workshop will be hosted online as part of our virtual event series.

Louise Gluck’s poetry has won the grandest and most public of awards, including--just this past year--the Nobel Prize for Literature. Yet in her brief Nobel Lecture, Gluck said: “I believe that in awarding me this prize, the Swedish Academy is choosing to honor the intimate, private voice, which public utterance can sometimes augment or extend, but never replace.” We will discuss selected lyrics by Gluck, in chronological order, considering how they are formed to work on the page, and in us. There will be opportunity to respond to individual poems--by way of your one-page prose responses, or by way of your own poetry. The instructor will give written feedback on these individual contributions.

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Jeredith Merrin’s first two poetry books, Shift and Bat Ode, appeared in the University of Chicago Press Phoenix Poets series (the former a finalist for the Lambda Poetry Book Award), and her third collection Cup was issued by Able Muse Press in 2014.  Her prize-winning chapbook Owling was published by Grayson Books in 2016.She’s authored a book of criticism on Marianne Moore and Elizabeth Bishop, and her reviews and essays have appeared in The Southern Review and elsewhere. Her most recent work appears in The Yale Review. She is currently completing a new poetry collection entitled A  P  A  R  T.