The Story You Need to Tell with Sandra Marinella: Writing Your Story Amid Change and Challenges

This workshop will be hosted online as part of our virtual event series.

Your story matters, especially during tough times. This workshop will explore how writing your story can support you as you face difficult changes—a job loss, isolation amid COVID-19, a change of fortune, the loss of a loved one, a change in health, or the process of aging. Let’s discover how to find our words and write our stories forward. This interactive workshop will allow you to delve into change and positive ways to manage it. Sharing of writing is optional in this nurturing environment. Writers of all levels are welcome.

Materials for the class: Please bring a pen and a journal/notebook/computer to write on. Many of the activities come from The Story You Need to Tell. If you have a copy, please bring it as well, but it is not required.

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  • Cost: $25 per person.
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  • Refunds will not be issued within one day of the event.

Sandra Marinella, MA and MEd, is an award-winning writing teacher and author of The Story You Need to Tell, an inspirational guide to transformational story-sharing and writing. She has taught thousands of students and presented hundreds of writing workshops. Her articles have appeared in The English Journal, The Arizona English Bulletin, Seventeen, Well-Being Journal, and Psychology Today’s blog. Her work with writers and cancer patients showshow writing our stories can lead to resilience and renewal—especially during challenging times. When her work was studied at the Mayo Clinic, her methods were found to lower stress and pain while dramatically improving the moods and the well-being of her students. Profits from her work support cancer research. You can learn more at www.storyyoutell.com.