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LindaJoy Rose: Raw Fusion Living
Linda JoyRose
Raw foods educator and chef LindaJoy Rose hosts a tasting with recipes from her new book, Raw Fusion Living: Recipes for Healthy Eating, Natural Weight Loss & Anti-Aging.

Rose blends the health benefits of raw foods with the comfort and convenience of traditional mainstream meals, teaching you to make more informed decisions about how to best fuel your family's vitality by implementing an eating program that boosts your energy, pleases your palate, and taps your highest potential. Raw Fusion Living provides cutting-edge tips, tools and techniques for improving your body, mind and spirit health—including a foreword by Victoria Boutenko, creator of the original "green smoothie." Her book includes over 150 nutritious, delicious recipes—all gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan optional, and allergy-friendly.

LINDAJOY ROSE is the pioneer of the “Raw Fusion” movement – creating delicious, nutritious alternatives for traditional favorite comfort foods. Dr. Rose blends the raw foods lifestyle with healthy mainstream meals with an easy to follow program that heals and transforms your body, clears your mind and helps you tap your highest potential. She is a popular wellness chef and workshop facilitator around Tampa Bay and other cities. As Director of International Development for the American Board of Hypnotherapy, she pioneered the training and certification of hypnotherapy, subconscious dynamics and the power of the subconscious mind for over 25 years. More »