Tina Schuler: Nine Planks to Becoming a Bridge Builder

Tina Schuler: Nine Planks to Becoming a Bridge Builder

The award-winning Phoenix elementary school teacher shares her new book about how to create an environment that fosters learning by effectively communicating with challenging children and students.

We often hear people comment on how students and children are different today than years before. Many teachers will attest to how challenging the classroom has become due to behavior. Bridge Builder is a one-of-a-kind book that addresses the challenges of supporting difficult students in the classroom. It takes a very specific approach to focusing on exactly what words we say in conversation with our students. The nine planks challenge readers to reflect on their use of language and provide the tools and skills needed to better their communication. While the stories and examples are related to the classroom, the tools and skills shared can easily be applied to any relationship and are just as effective for parents.

TINA SCHULER currently teaches 5th grade at Kyrene de los Lagos school in Phoenix. She has previously taught 3rd grade, gifted resource of 3-5 graders, and worked as a behavior coach for four years supporting K-5th grade students and teachers. She is an associate for the No Excuses University Network and does consulting nation wide in the area of behavior management in the classroom. She was awarded Tempe Diablos Excellence in Education "Teacher of the Year" for 2015. She lives in Chandler with her husband and two beautiful children.