Emily Schwartz | The Time Diet

Emily Schwartz: The Time Diet
Emily Schwartz
Speaker and educator Emily Schwartz shares The Time Diet: Time Management for College Survival.

Why do incredibly smart students sometimes fail to meet their academic potential? Drawing from her experience as a K-12 and university educator, Schwartz illustrates how students of all ages can manage time, organize, and lower stress in order to maximize academic success. Her "Time Diet" emphasizes the importance of leading a balanced life while avoiding pitfalls such as procrastination, time killers, and over-commitment.

EMILY SCHWARTZ, founder of The Time Diet Method, is a speaker and educator dedicated to helping people find simple strategies to manage their time. Emily's advice comes from years of managing a rigorous academic schedule through three college degrees while balancing a teaching job and starting her own business. She developed her energetic presentation style to not only educate, but also inspire. Emily has been a featured speaker for campus groups, library seminars, private clubs and state conferences. Her advice is also featured in a weekly column for ASU's The State Press as well as in teacher trade journals, student e-newsletters and on her own weekly blog. More »