Sandra Miller: Where No One Should Live

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Sandra Miller reads and discusses Where No One Should Live.


A uniquely entertaining and engrossing journey with a public health physician.

Dr. Maya Summer works at Arizona Public Health, monitoring a myriad of public health issues. A passionate advocate for a motorcycle helmet law, she also juggles disease-bearing mosquitoes, rabid bobcats, and the opioid epidemic—to name a few. She also works at the nearby family medicine residency, seeing patients and teaching the new physicians. Maya endures the anger of local biker gangs over helmet policy, but few know her past ordeals that fuel her energy. 

 Dr. Alex Reddish, residency faculty, enjoys Maya’s company at work. A former shy chess champion, Alex has worked to remake himself into a more socially engaged person, though unable to completely shed his reclusive past. His life is complicated by two resident physician advisees: a depressed and poorly-performing man, and a seductive woman. And now someone seems determined to harm him.

 Maya and Alex turn accomplices as they investigate a spate of unusual illnesses afflicting residency staff over a brutally hot Phoenix summer, and as they explore the motives of their own hearts.

Sandra Cavallo Miller is a retired academic family physician in Phoenix who has helped launch hundreds of medical students and residents into their careers. Her unlikely path to medicine includes degrees in anthropology and creative writing at the University of Illinois before attending Rush Medical College. Her essays and poetry have been published in JAMA, PULSE - Voices from the Heart of Medicine, Under the Sun, and Embark, among others, as well as a trilogy about a woman physician at the Grand Canyon Clinic on the South Rim (THE COLOR OF ROCK / WHERE LIGHT COMES AND GOES / WHAT THE RIVER SAID).

WHERE NO ONE SHOULD LIVE is her fourth novel. Other interests include hiking, dressage, and volcanology. For more information, visit her website at She can be contacted at