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Dare to Lead


Become a Braver Leader

Leadership is not about titles or the corner office. It’s about the willingness to step up, put yourself out there and lean into courage. The greatest barrier to daring leadership is not fear; the greatest obstacle is armor—how we self-protect and avoid vulnerability when we feel uncertain. 

Daring leadership is a collection of four skill sets that are 100% teachable. Based on Dr. Brené Brown’s newest research, the Dare to Lead™ program focuses on developing these courage-building skills to help individuals, teams and organizations move from Armored Leadership to Daring Leadership.

Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building program for leaders created by Dr. Brené Brown, TED speaker, five-time New York Times best-selling author, and research professor at the University of Houston. Her research identified these key challenges that organizations are grappling with:

  • We avoid tough conversations, including giving honest, productive feedback.

  • Rather than spending a reasonable amount of time proactively acknowledging and addressing the fears and feelings that show up during change and upheaval, we spend an unreasonable amount of time managing problematic behaviors.

  • Diminishing trust caused by a lack of connection and empathy.

  • Not enough people are taking smart risks or creating and sharing bold ideas to meet changing demands and the insatiable need for innovation.

  • We get stuck and defined by setbacks, disappointments, and failures, so instead of spending resources on clean-up to ensure that consumers, stakeholders, or internal processes are made whole, we are spending too much time and energy reassuring team members who are questioning their contribution and value.

  • Too much shame and blame, not enough accountability and learning.

  • People are opting out of vital conversations about diversity and inclusivity because they fear looking wrong, saying something wrong, or being wrong. Choosing our own comfort over hard conversations is the epitome of privilege, and it corrodes trust and moves us away from meaningful and lasting change.

  • When something goes wrong, individuals and teams are rushing into ineffective or unsustainable solutions rather than staying with problem identification and solving. When we fix the wrong thing for the wrong reason, the same problems continue to surface. It’s costly and demoralizing.

  • Organizational values are aspirational rather than actual behaviors that can be taught, measured, and evaluated. 

  • Perfectionism and fear are keeping people from learning and growing.

The Dare to Lead™ curriculum trains leaders to build four proven skills of courage in highly practical ways. You’ll become a braver leader by: 

  1. Rumbling with Vulnerability: “Psychological safety,” defined as “team members feeling safe to take risks and be vulnerable with one another,” was identified as the #1 factor in top-performing teams at Google. Mastery of this skill helps leaders face risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure with courage and clarity. Success is defined as having the courage to show up, fully engage, and be seen even when you can’t control the outcome.

  2. Living our Values: Identifying, operationalizing, and practicing our most important beliefs so they become everyday tools, especially under stress, when we tend to fall out of alignment.

  3. Braving Trust: Creating/deepening connections in relationships and teams based on 7 distinct elements. How trust is built and destroyed in organizations.

  4. Learning to Rise: Mastering resilience to learn and grow from the failures, setbacks, and disappointments that are inevitable when we are brave with our lives. 

Target Participants: 
Current leaders who are also curious learners wanting to up their leadership self-awareness, skills, and game. Someone who manages or leads a team of any size, department, or company. High potential leaders in organizations. People looking to step out with greater courage in any area of their professional and personal life.

Hear from Past Participants

"Spreading the course over several weeks allowed for practice and integration. Breakouts are always helpful and fun. Videos were awesome. Content excellent. Eileen facilitated very well, allowing for all to contribute in a safe and nonjudgmental way."   - Spring 2021 participant

"I came away from the Dare to Lead workshop with a greater understanding of myself, the way I lead, and a deeper well of understanding of what is possible for my team and business. The ripple effects are already being felt within my organization, among our clients, and perhaps most importantly, within myself."   – Spring 2020 participant

"The training is based on decades of research. It gives the participants the opportunity to reflect on what they already know about their leadership style and discover what is standing in the way of being a more impactful leader." – Spring 2020 participant

Key Details

  • Workbooks and various videos of Brené Brown introducing key content. 

  • Reading/podcast/video prework/practice assignments between sessions.

  • Interactive breakout room exercises and full-room discussions with peers. 

  • Personalized integration plan upon completion to anchor your learning

  • When completed, each participant will receive both a certificate and the use of a special LinkedIn badge, indicating they are Dare to Lead™ Trained. (Must attend all sessions.)

  • Participants are asked to read the Dare to Lead book prior to the start of the course or read along throughout the course.

Training Kits will be provided to all participants at the first session. They include a copy the Dare to Lead book, workbook, journal, and other fun SWAG items for the course. Participants may pick up the book any time after registration is completed, or wait for the first session.

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  • Cost: $1895 per person, for eight (8) sessions.
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  • Registration closes Thursday, September 2, 2021. Class is capped at 17 participants.
  • There is a non-refundable $250 fee for cancellations after 9/10.

  • In-person Session (Changing Hands Phoenix): 1-5pm Monday, September 13
  • Online Sessions: 9am-12pm Mondays, September 20, 27
  • Online Sessions: 9am-12pm Mondays, October 4, 11, 18, 25
  • In-person Session (Changing Hands Phoenix): 1-5pm Monday, November 1

Eileen Rogers is a thought partner for evolving leaders, executive leadership coach, facilitator, and business advisor. She’s an accomplished Arizona entrepreneur and local community leader who is fiercely passionate about supporting and growing more courageous leaders. Eileen’s facilitation is engaging, intuitive, fun, and compassionate. She is a certified coach, Dare to Lead facilitator and Integrative Enneagram practitioner. She lives in Scottsdale with her rescued Rhodesian Ridgeback Suri. LinkedIn: