Write Here, Write Now | Ellie Hutchison: "Writing a Pandemic: Rage and Beauty in Writing"
6:30-8PM (9:30-11PM ET) MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 27

Need ideas to help you start writing? Join us for a monthly pop-up workshop co-presented by Phoenix College and ASU's Piper Center for Creative Writing.

Each session includes a 30-minute mini-class and a writing prompt exploring some aspect of craft—setting, dialogue, character development, etc.—followed by focused writing time and the opportunity to read your work to the group.

This workshop will be hosted online as part of our virtual event series.

This month, instructor Ellie Hutchison discusses "Writing a Pandemic: Rage and Beauty in Writing."

How do we write about our experiences living through and now post- pandemic life, when the world seems to both move so quickly and stand still at the same time?  For this workshop, we will gather to explore both rage and beauty in the time of Pandemic life through personal essays. We encourage you to explore and experience the range of feelings that coursed through our bodies in the past 18-months as we begin things anew. We’ll write about memories, mortality, beauty, and grief. We’ll read brief excerpts from other personal essays as well as trauma and healing resources to inspire our own sharing and writing. Our goal will be to help each other find our voices and discover comfort when we delve into rage and beauty.

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Ellie Hutchison is the founding director of la Phoenikera Writers' Guild, a Member-in-Discernment with Church of the Beatitudes and a'20/'21 Fellow with the Newbigin (Faith and Justice) Center, and current Chair of the MCSO LGBTQIA Community Advisory Board. She brings a wealth of experience as an educator, community co-creator, poet & writer, and theologian.  Her writing, community work, and ministry is based in liberation and interfaith engagement by exploring the range of arts and humanities.  Her experiences working actively with the communities experiencing homelessness, those migrating to the United States, and those who are directly impacted by incarceration - all of which is connected directly to a changing climate, has impacted her writing and teaching.  She spent 15-years as a teaching artist and poet throughout the Philadelphia School District, Native youth in Arizona, and youth diagnosed with special needs.  Ellie is committed to building bridges with communities through the exploration of writing, storytelling, and discovering what makes us whole.