Independent Bookstore Day Celebration
Independent Independent Bookstore Day
You've heard of Record Store Day. You've heard of Free Comic Book Day. Now there's Independent Independent Bookstore Day, a nationwide celebration of indie bookstores like Changing Hands! We're joining over 500 independent bookstores across the country for exclusive day-of merchandise.



Independent Independent Bookstore Day is proud to announce a selection of exclusive books and art pieces for IBD 2020. These limited edition, unique items will be available only at participating IBD bookstores, including Changing Hands, on August 29. Not before. Not online. And not in chain stores!

Remember, these items are both limited in quantity and available in-person only at either Changing Hands Bookstore on Saturday, August 29. We are not allowed to take pre-orders or reserve items.
Basketball (and other things) Signed Special Edition Basketball (And Other Things) - $24.99
A hardcover edition featuring new content for fans of the #1 New York Times bestseller. Any fan of Shea Serrano’s will want to add this hardcover special edition of his wildly popular Basketball (and Other Things) to their collection. The book will feature a new cover and two new chapters that showcase Serrano’s trademark creativity and Arturo Torres’s inimitable illustration style. First released as a paperback in 2017, the book went on to become a #1 New York Times bestseller.
Face It Face It: A Memoir Double Vinyl Album - $29.99
A vinyl edition of Face It, the much anticipated autobiography from rock icon and lead singer of Blondie, Debbie Harry. Face It Vinyl is performed by Debbie Harry with vocal guest appearances from Chris Stein, Clem Burke, Alannah Currie, and Gary Valentine with original music by Chris Stein. Face It Vinyl features two colored records filled with highlights from the audiobook, beautifully packaged with never-beforeseen photos and art. Each purchase also includes a full-length digital download of the audiobook.
Socks Open A Book, Open Your Mind Socks - $14.00
Trying times call for meaningful socks. Show off your bookish values with these stylish, comfy sock. Only for Bookstore Day!
$6 Story $6 Story: Poems of Resistance, Poems of Hope - $6.00
Without hope, resistance has no objective. The media is saturated with uncareful language. In poetry, we find precision, peculiarity, and potential. Poems strive less for answers than enliven our questions. The poets in Poems of Resistance, Poems of Hope, take up these questions with an eye for what’s possible. These poems break open the human spirit, and remind us that through language, community, and art, the endeavor for empathy is not lost. Resistance and hope are alive, in the world, and on the page.
Cad Citizen Stencil 2020 Bad Citizen Stencil - $35.00
Every year we create our signature “Bad Citizen” Graffiti Stencil to highlight the authors and the words that push us to think, read, and be disruptive when necessary. This year’s stencil features a timely quote from Toni Morrison: THE FUNCTION OF FREEDOM IS TO FREE SOMEONE ELSE, which was part of her Barnard College commencement speech in 1979.
You Have Arrived at Your Destination You Have Arrived at Your Destination - $11.00
A near-future science fiction story from AMOR TOWELS! When Sam’s wife first tells him about Vitek, a twenty-first-century fertility lab, he sees it as the natural next step in trying to help their future child get a “leg up” in a competitive world. But the more Sam considers the lives that his child could lead, the more he begins to question his own relationships and the choices he has made in his life.
Bookstore Day Candle Bookstore Day Candle - $11.00
Celebrate your indie pride and make the world smell a little better with the exclusive Bookstore Day candle. Earthy, relaxing and subtle. Each candle is poured by hand at Frostbeard’s Minneapolis shop. Soy wax is renewable, biodegradable, and vegan! Containers are recyclable and reusable
The Art of Protest Postcards The Art of Protest Postcards - $6.99
In collaboration with Amnesty International, Jo Rippon presents a stunning range of more than a hundred protest posters, from the iconic to the obscure. The civil rights movement, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the global outcry against the Iraq war all make their cameos in this comprehensive collection. These postcards, collected from the book, are perfect for correspondence, collections, and wall art.
Space Bandits Issues 1-5 Special Edition  Space Bandits Issues 1-5 Special Edition - $16.99
Thena Khole and Cody Blue are among the universe’s most-wanted felons. Each the leader of their own criminal ops, they run heists across the galaxies—hopping from ship to ship to fleece everyone inside. But when both women are betrayed by their crews, the bandits only have one thing on their minds: REVENGE. Collects SPACE BANDITS #1-5
Ways to Make Sunshine Ways to Make Sunshine - $16.99
Newbery Honor and Coretta Scott King Author Award winner Renée Watson writes her own version of Ramona Quimby, one starring a Black girl and her family, in this start to a charming new middle grade series about spirit, kindness, and sunshine. Ryan Hart is all about trying to see the best in people, to be a good daughter, a good sister, a good friend. But even if her life isn’t everything she would wish for, when her big brother is infuriating, her parents don’t quite understand, and the unexpected happens, she always finds a way forward, with grace and wit. And plenty of sunshine.
Shuri: A Black Panther Print Shuri: A Black Panther Print - $5.99
A print from the original, upper-middle-grade series (debuting May, 2020) starring the break-out character from the Black Panther comics and films: T’Challa’s younger sister, Shuri. Crafted by New York Times bestselling author Nic Stone. Shuri is a skilled martial artist, a genius, and a master of science and technology. But, she’s also a teenager. And a princess. This story follows Shuri as she sets out on a quest to save her homeland of Wakanda.
Not Quite Narwhal Kids Tote Not Quite Narwhal Kids Tote - $12.00
Just for Independent Bookstore Day, a special kid-sized NOT QUITE NARWHAL tote bag featuring Kelp, everyone’s favorite “land narwhal” from the National Indie Bestseller and Indie Next Top Ten picture book! Features exclusive original artwork from author/illustrator, Jessie Sima!

ABOUT Independent Bookstore Day

Independent Independent Bookstore Day500 bookstores. Exclusive books and art pieces. One day only. Join the party!

Independent bookstores are not just stores, they're community centers and local anchors run by passionate readers. They are entire universes of ideas that contain the possibility of real serendipity. They are lively performance spaces and quiet places where aimless perusal is a day well spent.

In a world of tweets and algorithms and pageless digital downloads, bookstores are not a dying anachronism. They are living, breathing organisms that continue to grow and expand. In fact, there are more of them this year than there were last year. And they are at your service.

"Consumers control the marketplace by deciding where to spend their money. If what a bookstore offers matters to you, then shop at a bookstore. If you feel that the experience of reading a book is valuable, then read the book. This is how we change the world: we grab hold of it. We change ourselves."
—Anne Patchett, bestselling author and co-owner of Parnassus Books