Collectible Books & First Editions

Collectible books are located throughout the store and in several special cases. These books tend to be somewhat more expensive than our regular stock of new and used books. What makes a book collectible? We asked this question to one of our friends and long-time customers, David Strang, who wrote an article for our newsletter which we reproduce here:

The book you buy today could actually increase in value tomorrow. Book collectors know that books can be a good investment. What makes a book increase in value? First, it usually needs to be a first edition. Second, it needs to be in excellent condition with the dust jacket still wrapped around the book. Third, it needs to be rare. For instance, a first edition of Sue Grafton's A is for Alibi, signed by Grafton, is now worth at least $1500 because it was her first "Kinsey" novel and only about 3,000 first editions were printed. It is an extremely hard book to find in first edition. A book that has been signed by the author often increases in value by 20-40%. Under the right circumstances, investing in books is like investing in art.

Browse the collectibles at Changing Hands for books in which you might like to invest. For more information, here's the link to our collectibles page.