Bianca is a proud Chamorro American woman living in Arizona. She enjoys reading classics by authors like Jane Austen and really enjoys stories that offer adventure! She has rekindled her love for poetry thanks to the beautiful “I Woke Up” by Jameson Fitzpatrick. When she isn’t screenwriting, Bianca can be found playing the guitar or playing on her island in Animal Crossing.
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Illumination: Poetry to Light Up the Darkness Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593191361
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Published: TarcherPerigee - March 30th, 2021

These days I try my best to find my own light, be my own light, but I am only human. Sometimes we need to seek solace in someone else and their words. In the book there are photographs that Gregson took himself! There are also scraps of paper that he used for his poems. He's an artist! I don’t know if I could fully appreciate what Gregson had to say without the darkness that comes my way. Whether or not poetry speaks to you, please give Gregson’s work a try! And to Tyler Knott Gregson, you are an inspiration to artists everywhere. Thank you for “lighting up the darkness.”

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I Love You This Much: Padded Board Book Cover Image
By IglooBooks, James Newman Gray (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781800227743
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Published: Igloo Books - August 3rd, 2021

Upon reading the first page of this book I realized that it wasn’t written just for children and their parents, but for anyone who loves someone immensely! My partner and I were reading it together and it amazed us how this book had all the words that we wanted to say to each other. We are children at heart, so the imaginative illustrations of these pandas made us marvel with wonder. If you have anyone in your life that you love and would like to say just how much you do, read “I Love You This Much” alongside them and they will know.

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Home Body Cover Image
ISBN: 9781449486808
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Andrews McMeel Publishing - November 17th, 2020

Rupi Kaur is an artist. She has a way of sharing her experience with her audience that is SO GENUINE. I was reading one of her poems casually at work one day, and my heart was pounding NONSTOP. I would rate the "Couldn't Put it Down"-ness 9/10 because I was feeling so many emotions. If you need a friend to help guide you through any issues that you're afraid of confronting, please open "Home Body" because it helped me with my own. Cheers to you, Rupi Kaur, and thank you for your beautiful words.

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Unfuck Your Boundaries: Build Better Relationships Through Consent, Communication, and Expressing Your Needs Cover Image
ISBN: 9781621061007
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Microcosm Publishing - January 14th, 2020

Earlier this year while I was still working for Walmart every day I was reminded of my teen years because of all the unnecessary drama. One day I went home and I busted through my garage door extremely frustrated from my work day, so my roomie, being the intuitive and ingenious creature that she is, loaned me a little book: Unf*ck Your Boundaries by Dr. Faith G. Harper. Let me tell you, it’s made my life better because I now have a better grasp on my own boundaries! I have always struggled with communication, but I honestly think that this book can help anyone who is struggling! Harper goes into amazing detail, but always keeps you interested. Not to mention the illustrations in this book are also incredible and definitely helped me visualize some of Harper's points! My roomie lending me this book was the push I needed to finally realize that boundaries are a need and they deserve to be unf*cked! Cheers to having the freedom to speak your mind and draw the line!

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123 Cats: A Cat Counting Book Cover Image
By Leslea Newman, Isabella Kung (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781536209952
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Published: Candlewick - April 29th, 2021

As a child that was not from the states and had to assimilate into a brand new culture with a brand new language, math was not always my friend. For what is math but another language the whole world must learn? It just didn’t click with me right away! And having to speak English at home wasn’t always challenging since my parents learned English as children, but over time I wondered if math would have been easier if I had taken the time to learn my native tongue. My first love of board books started with the beloved Eric Carle and his cute caterpillar friend. Cats and math were always intimidating to me, but upon finding 1 2 3 Cats A Cat Counting Book while I was shelving in our Kids department, they finally felt like good friends! My partner loves cats and I am blessed to be his cat's stepmom! So, if you know anyone in your life that is a child, adult, cat or anything else in between-- buy this book! At one point I even found myself laughing out loud while reading it on my backyard patio!