You'll find a continuously shifting mix of new, used and sale books throughout Changing Hands.

Where do we get all those great used books?

Our used books come to us from many sources, but our most common is from our customers. One of our services to the community is an in-store used book trading station. Here's our official policy:

We trade-in books from our customers based on the demand for and the quality of the books offered to us. When books arrive at our trade counter we start by picking out the ones which we feel we can sell. These are individually priced after which a total resale price is calculated. The customer is then offered 50% of the total resale price in trade credit. Trade credit can be spent on merchandise in the store or used to pay for special orders.
For more information, call 480.730.0205 and ask for the book trader on duty, or read complete details about trading books here.


Sale Books

In addition to the thousands of used book on our shelves, Changing Hands also has thousands of remainders available at a fraction of their original price. Remainders are books that publishers are unable to sell at full price so they auction them off to wholesalers called "remainder houses." Changing Hands selects the best of the remainders from dozens of sources in order to be able to offer brand new, top quality (or slightly shelf worn) books at discounts ranging from 30% to 60% below the original list price. Some sale books may have a mark on the top or bottom edge placed there by the publisher to prevent the books from being returned to them as "new".

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