Find Waldo Local 2019: Raffle Prizes and Winners
To celebrate the end of the scavenger hunt, we're giving away lots of raffle prizes. Those who have collected stamps from 20 or more businesses must check in with one of our booksellers to be entered into our raffle for fabulous prizes from participating local businesses! If your name is drawn, we will give you a call after July 31 and announce the winners on social media.


Levi T., Zoey E. and Pip E. - Where's Waldo the Magnificent Mini Book Set
Connor H. - Where's Waldo The Sticker Book!
Isabella S. and Jensen U. - Where's Waldo? The Phenomenal Postcard Book
Lily V. and Chris C. - Where's Waldo? Destination: Everywhere!
Max F., Mady S., Alicia V., Ava M., Wyatt E., and Lou U. - Where's Waldo? The Treasure Hunt Activity Book
Lyla W. and Keagan B. - Where's Waldo? The Coloring Book
Antoni M. and Farzana S. - Where's Waldo socks


WINNER: Ophelia E. - Free Dough for a Year 

Urban Cookies Bakeshop

WINNERS: Grace and Jack G. - $25 gift card

RubyMint General Store

WINNERS: Lucy L. and Fiona M. - $25 gift card

Noble Beast

WINNER: Sawyer B. - a gift basket of treats for your cat and dog

Southwest Gardener

WINNER: Calvin E. - $25 gift card

AZ Pops

WINNERS: Rocco J., Rosalyn Grace M., and Victoria W. - One free 10-pack of pops

Phoenix Rock Gym

WINNER: Keelan H. - Gift certificate to the Phoenix Rock Gym

Love Child

WINNER: Matea A. - Ty Dragon "Cinder" from Love Child

Bobbie's Flowers & Marketplace

WINNERS: Aurelia D. and Alessandra S. - One year of monthly flowers from Bobbies Flowers

Dig It

WINNER: Jane U. - $25 gift card and a lovely arrangement

Changing Hands Bookstore - Social Media Tag Us! Find Waldo giveaway

WINNER: Kara R. - $25 CHB gift card

A big thank you to all of our local businesses for participating. Hope to see all of you Waldo spotters in-store soon!

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