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Jalyn is believed to be too multidimensional, unable to be perceived by simple interests or hobbies. In an attempt to grasp the slightest bit of Jalyn's vibe, a condensed history of her answers from icebreakers will be shared: if Jalyn was a fruit, she'd be a blackberry; her current celebrity crush is Oscar Isaac and it will probably always be Oscar Isaac; one of Jalyn's many favorite movies is Moonstruck (1987) with Cher and Nicolas Cage; her godly parent is Hades, although she'd always believed it was Apollo; and if Jalyn was a book she'd be a fiction book (probably about an unhinged woman like mid-twenties Junie B. Jones) with fine art as the cover that sits in the tote bag of a Hulu Original-watching, platform loafer-wearing, lavender matcha with oat milk-drinking girly. This forever curious young woman is pursuing a degree in Art History which has carefully cultivated her unique taste for classics, art-focused books, and historical fiction. Yet, with a natural attraction towards knowledge and the unknow, Jalyn will read quite literally anything that entices the reader with a sense of romanticism and mysticism.
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All the Beauty in the World: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me By Patrick Bringley Cover Image
ISBN: 9781982163303
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Simon & Schuster - February 14th, 2023

“All the Beauty in the World: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me” is a memoir I’ll hold close to my heart for as long as I have a love for the world of art and everything that gives life meaning. In his memoir, Patrick Bringley proposes the important question– Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? The author worked for The New Yorker magazine, but after his brother passed, he joined the security staff of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Patrick illustrates how being surrounded by art transformed him from a simple, wide-eyed security man, to a heartful, intelligent and intuitive art student using the world as his professor. He describes how the art moved him, healed him, and guided him through the tough lessons life demands we learn– like mourning the death of his brother and navigating his role as a husband and father. Patrick embodies the heart of every person alive wondering why we are here and what purpose we serve in the lives of others. This book stands out to all the art lovers who strive to keep the history and evidence of humanity alive in our hurting world.

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Beauty Reborn By Elizabeth Lowham Cover Image
ISBN: 9781639931064
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Shadow Mountain - May 9th, 2023

Retellings often get old or twisted, but Lowham’s “Beauty Reborn” is exactly what the title implies; a reincarnation of an old-timey story. This retelling brings out deeper intellectual truths that might have always been a part of the tale, however hidden or ignored. Beauty is not just simply a young, naïve daydreamer with a love for books and philosophy; she is witty, charismatic, strong-willed, and brave with a heart of gold (like the roses of the Beast’s castle) – cursed with beauty that causes her a pain she can’t escape. As for Beast… he’s almost human? With more humanity than he’s ever been graced with before, he is quiet and soft spoken with emotions, intuition, and curiosity; enchanting Beauty and distracting her from the pain. This creative rendition of the classic story explores the topics of marriage, innocence, maidenhood, perception of reality, class, family dynamics, beauty standards, and philosophy further than any Disney movie would allow. If this has always been a favorite princess story for you, I encourage you to try this one out and recognize how the truth within this timely tale is still valid today.