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Are you a hardworking teen between the ages of 14 and 18? Are you a huge book nerd who loves learning new skills? We want you!

Changing Hands is proud to offer teens (ages 14-18) a volunteer opportunity to experience on-the-job training as part of our junior bookselling team. Our junior booksellers learn how to apply for a job, put their best foot forward when interviewing, and other day-to-day bookselling tasks such as shelving, section maintenance, customer service, event crowd management, and more.

  1. Print out the Junior Bookseller Application or visit Changing Hands Tempe or Phoenix during our regular business hours to get a paper copy. 
  2. Fill out it in your own words.
  3. Drop it off at Changing Hands Tempe or Phoenix during regular business hours.
Have questions? Contact our Junior Bookseller Coordinators — Allie C. in Tempe (480.730.0205) or Emmy in Phoenix (602.274.0067).

*At this time, Changing Hands Tempe is not accepting new Junior Bookseller applications. Please check back in the spring*

Changing Hands is thrilled that your teen is interested in applying for a Junior Bookseller position. In order to make sure your teen is the right fit for our program and to get to know them better, Changing Hands request that parents:

  1. Please do not help your teen with the application. Applicants should complete the application on their own, in their own words.
  2. Please do not turn in the application for your teen. Applicants should turn in the application themselves and be prepared to interact one-on-one with our booksellers, the Junior Bookseller Coordinators, and our managers.
  3. Please do not visit your teen while they are clocked in. To encourage professionalism, family and friends should refrain from visiting Junior Staffers while they are at work.
We understand that you may be anxious for them, but we have found that most people excel when given the chance. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.