October 2018
Chasing New Horizons Public Rep Pick The Half-Breed Horse Thief
Astrobiologist David Grinspoon talks New Horizons' mission Join us for a sneak peek at this fall's forthcoming books Joe Montaño shares his third collection, a poetic memoir
Intro to Pranic Healing Gandhi People Like Us
Dr. Jeffery Potts leads an intro to Pranic Healing presentation Ramachandra Guha reads from his latest biographical volume Sayu Bhojwani discusses politicians changing the status quo
Jodi Picoult Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance The Way of Glory
Bestselling author Jodi Picoult in conversation with Diana Gabaldon Judith Brin Ingber explores Israeli and Jewish dance history Patricia Boomsma launches her new historical novel
Gary Nabhan Terry Brooks Mastering Affluence
Gary Nabhan shares his books about food biodiversity Terry Brooks presents his latest, a futuristic science fiction novel Carol Tuttle visits with her guide to creating a life you love
Muslims of the World Last Ship Every Other Weekend
Instagrammers Sajjad Shah and Iman Mahoul present their latest Mark Williams shares his independently published book Zulema Renee Summerfield presents her debut novel
Markus Zusak 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die Gretchen Bonaduce
Markus Zusak (The Book Thief) presents his new novel James Mustich shares 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die First Draft Book Club: Lake Success by Gary Shteyngart
She Would Be King Of Silence and Song A Pawn's Journey
Wayétu Moore presents her debut She Would Be King Poet Dan Beachy-Quick reads from his latest, Of Silence and Song National Chess Master Elliott Neff presents his new novel

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In partnership with Changing Hands Bookstore, Phoenix Sister Cities, Inc. is pleased to announce Dr. Connie Mariano as the featured speaker at the Global Links Business Luncheon on Thursday, October 11. The event is scheduled for the Grand Ballroom at the Arizona Biltmore and starts at 11:30 a.m. Dr. Mariano is a Filipina American physician and a retired Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy. She was the first woman to direct the White House Medical Unit, serving as personal physician to three U.S. presidents. Dr. Mariano has written a memoir about her experience — The White House Doctor: My Patients Were Presidents. Each luncheon guest will receive an autographed copy of Dr. Mariano's book. Tickets are $100 per person and are available here »
coming soon
7pm | PHOENIX | DAVID GRINSPOON | CHASING NEW HORIZONS | Astrobiologist and award-winning science communicator David Grinspoon shares the up close, inside story of the greatest space exploration project of our time: New Horizons' mission to Pluto. Told from the insider's perspective of mission leader Dr. Alan Stern and others, Chasing New Horizons is a riveting account of scientific discovery, and of how much we humans can achieve when people focused on a dream work together toward their incredible goal. More »

7pm | TEMPE | TEEN EVENT | ERIN JADE LANGE | THE CHAOS OF NOW | The local author presents her coming-of-age novel about a teen coder who gets roped into a dangerous hack, perfect for fans of John Corey Whaley and Adam Silvera. Eli is coasting through high school, spending most of his time writing code. Each day is as boring as the next—until he receives a cryptic message in binary code, leading him to Seth and Mouse. They're seeking a third member for a prestigious hacking competition, after their teammate and friend Jordan committed suicide last year. Intrigued by the challenge, Eli agrees. But soon it becomes clear that Seth and Mouse are after more than winning a competition—they're seeking revenge for the abuse that caused Jordan's suicide. Eli is in way over his head, but he's also hiding a dangerous secret that could lead to even more trouble if he isn't careful. In a story about the shift of power from those who rule at school to those who rule online, the difference between bully and victim is blurred and Eli—whose coding skills have taught him to make order out of chaos—will find the real world is much harder to control. More »

7pm | PHOENIX | PUBLIC REP PICK NIGHT | Of the many perks booksellers enjoy, one of the best is the opportunity to learn about (and read!) exciting new books months before they're published. Now we're offering this perk to you! Join our brilliant publishing sales reps for a sneak peek at this fall's forthcoming buzz books, which you can pre-order for a 20% discount tonight only. Grab a beverage at our own First Draft Book Bar and settle in for free snacks, advance reading copies, raffle prizes, and more. Free and open to the public. More »

9:15am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | BABY TIME | Babies (accompanied by a favorite adult) enjoy songs, activities to promote movement, rhymes, books, and playtime in each lively session. Baby Time gives your baby the opportunity to hear lots of language while you get to know other families with young children. Also join us in Phoenix at 9:15am on Thursdays, October 11, 18, and 25. More »
10am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | STORYTIME | Join us for interactive storytime for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. More »
5:30pm | TEMPE | GETTING INVOLVED 101 | Volunteer orientation with HandsOn Greater Phoenix. A one-time tax deductible activation donation of $25 applies to ages 19 and older. Info: 602.973.2212 x231 or handsonphoenix.org.

7pm | PHOENIX | JOE MONTAÑO | THE HALF-BREED HORSE THIEF | Montaño shares his third collection, a poetic memoir of "one who survives by adapting, who thieves culture not gifted outright—displaced inside feeling outside of both." More »

10am | TEMPE | FAMILY EVENT | COSTUME STORYTIME: WILD THING | Bring the kiddos and your camera, and join us for stories and pictures with the classic children's book character Wild Thing.
2pm | PHOENIX / TEMPE | TWEEN EVENT | CLUB READ | NIGHTBOOKS | Calling all tweens! Join us for free pizza as we discuss Dusti Bowling's 24 Hours in Nowhere. Welcome to Nowhere, Arizona, the least livable town in the United States. For Gus, a bright 13-year-old with dreams of getting out and going to college, life there is made even worse by Bo Taylor, Nowhere's biggest, baddest bully. When Bo tries to force Gus to eat a dangerously spiny cactus, Rossi Scott, one of the best racers in Nowhere, comes to his rescue--but in return she has to give Bo her prized dirt bike. Determined to buy it back, Gus agrees to go searching for gold in Dead Frenchman Mine, joined by his old friends Jessie Navarro and Matthew Dufort, and Rossi herself. As they hunt for treasure, narrowly surviving everything from cave-ins to mountain lions, they bond over shared stories of how hard life in Nowhere is--and they realize this adventure just may be their way out. Club Read Badge Members: Get 3 points for attending and 1 point for purchasing the month's pick from Changing Hands. Don't have a free Club Read badge? Ask a bookseller how to get one! More »
3pm | TEMPE | TWEEN EVENT | LISA MCMANN | GOING WILD 3: CLASH OF THE BEASTS | The New York Times bestselling author of The Unwanteds series shares the third and final book in the Going Wild series. Charlie, Mac, and Maria managed to rescue the Project Chimera scientists from the devious Dr. Gray, but they couldn't stop him. Now he's closer than ever to enacting his dreadful master plan to transform all of humanity into a monstrous new species. And even worse, Kelly has betrayed her friends and joined forces with him. To defeat their beastly foes, Charlie and the others are going to need help. Luckily, they just saved the creators of the bracelets that give them their unbelievable powers, and they're about to get an upgrade. With even fiercer abilities, it's finally time for these kids to unleash their wild sides and save the world. More »
5:30-8:30pm | TEMPE | INSIGHTS TAROT READINGS | James R. Betz offers advice on life, relationships, and career choices. Cost: $20 for 15 minutes. Registration at 480.730.0205. More info: 602.840.2222.
6:30pm | TEMPE | DR. JEFFERY POTTS, NMD | "AN INTRODUCTION TO PRANIC HEALING" | Naturopathic Medical Doctor Jeffrey Potts leads an introductory presentation of Pranic Healing. According to Dr. Potts, "Pranic Healing is an effective and powerful 'no-touch' healing modality developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui that uses 'Life Force' or 'Prana' (Chi or Ki) to heal physical and emotional ailments. This talk will demonstrate how prana can be applied for healing and enhance your knowledge of the chakras and the energy bodies." More »

6:30-9:30pm | PHOENIX | DRINK AND DRAW | First Draft Book Bar presents a night of drinking and drawing for all skill levels, featuring a local model for a three-hour pose. Bring your own supplies. Cost: $8. Registration at 602.274.0067 or online. More »
6:30-8:30pm | TEMPE | POETRY ROUNDTABLE | Workshop one of your poems with a group of peers. More info: jedesign2004@yahoo.com.
6:30-7:30pm | PHOENIX | MIND YOUR BUSINESS BOOK CLUB | TO SELL IS HUMAN | Introducing "Mind Your Business," a book club for business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs—anyone interested in the art and science of doing business! Javelina CEO Catherine Alonzo leads a discussion of a business book at Changing Hands Phoenix, home of our First Draft Book Bar. Ranging from how to build and scale a business to how to lead a team, you'll read business book classics as well as new hits. This month's book is To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink, which offers a fresh look at the art and science of selling. More »
7pm | TEMPE | RAMACHANDRA GUHA | GANDHI: THE YEARS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD 1914-1948 | Renowned academic and author Ramachandra Guha reads from his latest biographical volume, a portrait of Gandhi and of those closest to him—family, friends, political and social leaders. It illuminates the complexity inside Gandhi's thinking, his motives, his actions and their outcomes as he engaged with every important aspect of social and public life in the India of his time. More »

6pm | TEMPE | FAMILY EVENT | UNDER-THE-SEA PARTY WITH MOLLY IDLE | PEARL | Join us for an under-the-sea party! Caldecott Honor author-illustrator Molly Idle dazzles with an original mermaid tale about how small, persistent actions can achieve great things. More »
7pm | OFFSITE | JODI PICOULT IN CONVERSATION WITH DIANA GABALDON | A SPARK OF LIGHT | Jodi Picoult, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Small Great Things, shares her new novel about ordinary lives that intersect during a heart-stopping crisis. Location: Phoenix College (Bulpitt Auditorium), 1202 W Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85013 More »
7pm | PHOENIX | SAYU BHOJWANI | PEOPLE LIKE US: THE NEW WAVE OF CANDIDATES KNOCKING AT DEMOCRACY'S DOOR | Sayu Bhojwani, founder and President of New American Leaders, presents her book about political newcomers (sometimes also newcomers to America) who are knocking down built-in barriers to creating better government. More »

7pm | PHOENIX | FOUND IN TRANSLATION BOOK CLUB | THE TWENTY DAYS OF TURIN | This month we discuss The Twenty Days of Turin by Giorgio De Maria, translated by Ramon Glazov. An allegory inspired by the grisly neo-fascist campaigns of its day, The Twenty Days of Turin has enjoyed a cult following in Italy for forty years. Now, in a fretful new age of "lone-wolf" terrorism fueled by social media, we can find uncanny resonances in De Maria's vision of mass fear. More »
7pm | TEMPE | ROBERT MCWHIRTER | "THE CONSTITUTION AND DONALD J. TRUMP: PART SIX" | Attorney and Bill of Rights expert Robert McWhirter presents the next in his ongoing series about President Trump and the Constitution. Copies of McWhirter's book Bills, Quills, and Stills will be available. More »

9:15am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | BABY TIME | Babies (accompanied by a favorite adult) enjoy songs, activities to promote movement, rhymes, books, and playtime in each lively session. Baby Time gives your baby the opportunity to hear lots of language while you get to know other families with young children. Also join us in Phoenix at 9:15am on Thursdays, October 18 and 25. More »
10am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | MONSTER JAM-BOO-REE STORYTIME | Bring the kiddos for a monster-themed Halloween storytime with a special surprise guest! Wear your Halloween costume and be sure to bring a camera. More »
7pm | PHOENIX | JUDITH BRIN INGBER | SEEING ISRAELI AND JEWISH DANCE | Choreographer, dancer, and dance scholar Judith Brin Ingber presents her book, a collection of wide-ranging essays and photographs exploring the evolution of Jewish dance through two thousand years of Diaspora, in communities of amazing variety and amid changing traditions. With an introduction by Dr. Naomi Jackson from ASU. Co-presented by Arizona State University's Jews and Jewishness in the Dance World Conference, October 13-15, 2018. More »

7pm | PHOENIX | STORYLINE SLAM | HAUNTED | 10 STORYTELLERS. 6 MINUTES. 1 WINNER. Sign up on TheStoryline.org to tell a story. Ten tellers will have six minutes each to share a story based on the theme "Haunted." Five members of the audience will be the judges and the story with the most points at the end of the show receives a $30 cash prize. Cost: $6 in advance, $8 the day of/at the door. Register online. More »
7pm | TEMPE | FRIDAY POETRY FEATURING DIANA ARTERIAN AND DOUGLAS MANUEL | Arterian and Manuel read from their award-winning works Playing Monster :: Seiche and Testify. Each centers around family trauma and drama, mostly stemming from problematic fathers. Arterian and Manuel strive to make sense of their fathers' actions while creating a healthy self identity—a difficult task in their gendered, intersectional, racialized lives. Open reading follows. More »

10am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | COSTUME STORYTIME: WILD THING | Bring the kiddos and your camera, and join us for stories and pictures with the classic children's book character Wild Thing.
6:30pm | TEMPE | PATRICIA BOOMSMA | THE WAY OF GLORY | Join local author Patricia Boomsma as she launches her new historical novel. The Way of Glory considers the effects of religious warfare on ordinary people in the middle ages and asks whether kindness can survive holy war, a question still being asked a thousand years after the Crusades began. More »
5:30-8:30pm | TEMPE | TAROT READINGS | Mystic Journeyz with Suzi Coggins. "Your Angels Are Waiting." Cost: $20 for 15 minutes. Registration at 480.730.0205. More info: mysticjourneyz.com.

2-4pm | PHOENIX | WORKSHOP | "PODCASTING 101: HOW TO TURN A GREAT IDEA INTO A GREAT PODCAST" | Want to learn more about how to create and maintain a podcast? This interactive workshop is your first step into the world of podcasting, which includes recording basics. Taught by three audio professionals—Sarah Ventre, Annika Cline, and Dario Miranda—with experience in podcasting, public radio, live sound engineering, and musical composition, this introductory class will help you create stories that sound good on an audio platform, turn rough ideas into something concrete, and start thinking about DIY recording processes so that you can make your podcast on your own, even if you don't have access to a studio. No experience required. Cost: $15 + fees. Registration online. More »

7pm | PHOENIX | TERRY BROOKS | STREET FREAKS | The bestselling author of the Shannara series presents his latest, a thrilling futuristic science fiction novel. It begins with a dire call...right before Ashton Collins' father disappears and his skyscraper home's doors explode inward. "Go into the Red Zone. Go to Street Freaks," his father says before the vid feed goes silent. The Red Zone is the dangerous heart of mega-city Los Angeles, a world Ash is forbidden from. But if he can find Street Freaks, the strangest of aid awaits—human and barely human alike. As Ash is hunted, he must unravel the mystery left behind by his father and discover his role in this new world. More »
7pm | TEMPE | GARY NABHAN | FOOD FROM THE RADICAL CENTER & MESQUITE: AN ARBOREAL LOVE AFFAIR | Nature writer, biocultural conservationalist, and agroecologist Gary Nabhan shares his books about using community-based collaborative restoration strategies to recover the remarkable food biodiversity at our doorstep. More »

6-8:30pm | PHOENIX | WORKSHOP | CHRISTY STRAUCH | "HOW TO TURN YOUR CREATIVITY INTO BUSINESS" | PASSION, PLAN, PROFIT | Author and small business coach Christy Strauch leads a business workshop. Learn five ways to make money and space for your art—whether it's art in the traditional sense of painting, music, dance, or writing; or developing an app or starting the business you've been dreaming about. As a creative, you need time and space for your ideas to bloom. In this workshop you'll learn the steps to make the time and money your creativity craves. Cost: $25 + fees. Register online. More »
7pm | TEMPE | CAROL TUTTLE | MASTERING AFFLUENCE: 6 LESSONS TO CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE | The bestselling author of Remembering Wholeness visits with her latest, a guide to creating a life you love. Imagine how rich life would be if you felt mentally clear, emotionally balanced, and spiritually inspired every day. Carol Tuttle has found that a truly affluent life is rich in six areas: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and in relationships. In Mastering Affluence, she guides readers through six simple lessons (one for each area) to clear away longstanding patterns of struggle and replace them with ease and joy. More »

6:30-8:30pm | TEMPE | TWO-SESSION WRITING WORKSHOP WITH ROSEMARIE DOMBROWSKI | "FLASH MEMOIR AND THE MAGIC OF MICRO" | The Pushcart nominee hosts a two-part creative writing workshop on flash memoir. The first session involves a discussion of the tools of the trade, as well as the reading and discussion of some sample flash memoir and micro-prose. The session concludes with an overview of a take-home writing prompt. In the second session, on October 24, participants workshop an original, newly completed piece of flash (per the parameters of the take-home writing prompt). Individualized feedback will focus on style, voice, pacing, detail, development, diction, syntax, and more. Cost: $35 + fees for the two sessions. Attendees must sign up for both sessions. Register online. More »
7pm | PHOENIX | SAJJAD SHAH AND IMAN MAHOUL | MUSLIMS OF THE WORLD: PORTRAITS AND STORIES OF HOPE, SURVIVAL, LOSS, AND LOVE | Sajjad Shah and Iman Mahoul share their new book, based on the popular Instagram account @MuslimsoftheWorld1. We are living in a time of uncertainty for many members of the Islamic faith. Like the account, the book's mission is to tell the diverse stories of Muslims living in the US and around the world. Illustrated throughout with moving photographs, each chapter will focus on different aspects of the Islamic faith and the many varying cultures it encompasses, offering tales of love, family, and faith while empowering Muslim women, refugees, and people of color. Whether it is telling a story about a young Syrian refugee who dreams of being a pilot or about a young girl's decision to not remove her hijab, which in turn saved her family's life, Muslims of the World aims to unite people of all cultures and faiths by sharing the hopes, trials, and tribulations of Muslims from every walk of life. More »

9:15am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | BABY TIME | Babies (accompanied by a favorite adult) enjoy songs, activities to promote movement, rhymes, books, and playtime in each lively session. Baby Time gives your baby the opportunity to hear lots of language while you get to know other families with young children. Also join us in Phoenix at 9:15am on Thursday, October 25. More »
10am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | STORYTIME | Join us for interactive storytime for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. More »
6pm | PHOENIX | MARK WILLIAMS | LAST SHIP FROM VLADIVOSTOK | The local author and retired law enforcement officer presents his independently published book. Cullen McPherson, insurance agent, just wanted to get the refund check to his client. He didn't know his client was a world-class spy. Cullen was chasing a man, but in fact Cullen McPherson was chasing his own identity. In his youth, he lost himself in cartoons, foreign languages, actuarial reports, and stories of the merchant marines and their rugged ship's 'masters.' It was here, on the bridge of one of these ships, that he found himself, his value, and the captain who had always been there setting a course for the open sea and home. More »

3pm | TEMPE | TEEN EVENT | TEEN ADVISORY BOARD (T.A.B.) | THE WREN HUNT | Teens meet to discuss Mary Watson's debut novel The Wren Hunt. T.A.B. will be reading advanced copies provided by the publisher. If you are interested in reading the book beforehand and joining in our discussion on October 20, please contact our T.A.B. coordinator leah@changinghands.com with your request. Limited copies available. More »
5:30-8:30pm | TEMPE | TAROT READINGS | James R. Betz offers advice on life, relationships, and career choices. Cost: $20 for 15 minutes. Registration at 480.730.0205. More info: 602.840.2222.
7pm | TEMPE | ZULEMA RENEE SUMMERFIELD | EVERY OTHER WEEKEND | The author shares her debut novel about an imaginative girl in the year following her parents' divorce, and what happens when her creeping premonition that something terrible will happen comes true in the most unexpected of ways. Every Other Weekend beautifully and unsettlingly captures the terrible wisdom that children often possess, as well as the surprising ways in which families fracture and reform. More »

2-3:30pm | TEMPE | CHANTING WORKSHOP WITH PINNA JOSEPH | "CHANTING, DEEP RELAXATION, AND THE POWER OF VIBRATION" | Chanting is a road to relaxing the body and soul, a way to a peaceful inner self. Sound artist, chantress, and Yoga of the Voice™ instructor Pinna Joseph presents an afternoon of attention to the breath, deep listening, exploring the voice as an instrument, vocal meditation (connecting with the sound between the sounds), and call-and-response chanting from many world cultures. No previous singing experience necessary. Cost: $25 + fees. Register online. More »

7pm | TEMPE | MARKUS ZUSAK | BRIDGE OF CLAY | The international bestselling author of The Book Thief visits with his latest, a sweeping family saga. The breathtaking story of five brothers who bring each other up in a world run by their own rules. As the Dunbar boys love and fight and learn to reckon with the adult world, they discover the moving secret behind their father's disappearance. At the center of the Dunbar family is Clay, a boy who will build a bridge--for his family, for his past, for greatness, for his sins, for a miracle. The question is, how far is Clay willing to go? And how much can he overcome? More »
7pm | PHOENIX | LONG AND SHORT OF IT BOOK CLUB | SALVAGE THE BONES & SWEET AND LOW | Long and Short of It Book Club is a new bimonthly club that explores one book and one story collection connected by a theme. The first is "Rural Life in the American South." Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward reveals a young girl's coming-of-age during the days preceding Hurricane Katrina. Nick White's Sweet and Low is a modern collection that explores how people's identities are shaped largely in part by the circumstances of their environment and their attempts to rise above. More »

4pm | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | MEET AND GREET BOOKSIGNING | YUYI MORALES | DREAMERS | Caldecott Honor artist and five-time Pura Belpré Award winner Yuyi Morales tells her own immigration story in this picture-book tribute to the transformative power of hope . . . and reading. An instant New York Times bestseller! Dreamers is a celebration of what migrants bring with them when they leave their homes. It's a story about family. And it's a story to remind us that we are all dreamers, bringing our own gifts wherever we roam. Beautiful and powerful at any time but given particular urgency as the status of our own Dreamers becomes uncertain, this is a story that is both topical and timeless. The lyrical text is complemented by sumptuously detailed illustrations, rich in symbolism. Also included are a brief autobiographical essay about Yuyi's own experience, a list of books that inspired her (and still do), and a description of the beautiful images, textures, and mementos she used to create this book. A parallel Spanish-language edition, Soñadores, is also available. More »
The co-founder of A Common Reader shares his latest, an insightfully curated personal compendium that will inspire hours of browsing and a lifetime of reading. Encompassing fiction, poetry, science and science fiction, memoir, travel writing, biography, children's books, history, and more, 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die moves across cultures and through time to present an eclectic collection of titles, each described with the special enthusiasm readers summon when recommending a book to a friend. The expected pillars are here, including Jane Austen and Toni Morrison, Virgil, Dante, Dickens and Tolstoy, Franz Kafka and Simone de Beauvoir—their works made fresh through the author's animated essays. Established classics are joined by new choices like Citizen and Friday Night Lights, A Visit from the Goon Squad and The Pillow Book of Sei Shōnagon, The Day of the Jackal and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. The result is a treasury of essential reading for expansive tastes. More »

7pm | PHOENIX | FIRST DRAFT BOOK CLUB | LAKE SUCCESS | Join us at First Draft Book Bar (the wine and beer bar inside Changing Hands Phoenix) for a discussion of this month's pick, Gary Shteyngart's Lake Success. Stop by either Changing Hands location or order online to get your copy of Lake Success for 20% off, then meet us and Arizona Republic reporter Barbara VanDenburgh at First Draft Book Bar at 7pm to discuss and enjoy happy hour prices during the event. More »

9:15am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | BABY TIME | Babies (accompanied by a favorite adult) enjoy songs, activities to promote movement, rhymes, books, and playtime in each lively session. Baby Time gives your baby the opportunity to hear lots of language while you get to know other families with young children. More »
10am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | BILINGUAL STORYTIME | Interactive bilingual storytime for preschoolers and kindergarteners. More »
5:30pm | TEMPE | WRITERS, INK. |
Share and critique two to four pages of writing with a group of peers. RSVP (required) at shariannegaylee@gmail.com.
7pm | PHOENIX | WAYÉTU MOORE | SHE WOULD BE KING | Wayétu Moore presents her debut novel, reimagining the dramatic story of Liberia's early years through three unforgettable characters who share an uncommon bond. Gbessa, exiled from the West African village of Lai, is starved, bitten by a viper, and left for dead, but still she survives. June Dey, raised on a plantation in Virginia, hides his unusual strength until a confrontation with the overseer forces him to flee. Norman Aragon, the child of a white British colonizer and a Maroon slave from Jamaica, can fade from sight when the earth calls him. When the three meet in the settlement of Monrovia, their gifts help them salvage the tense relationship between the African American settlers and the indigenous tribes, as a new nation forms around them. Moore's intermingling of history and magical realism finds voice not just in these three characters but also in the fleeting spirit of the wind, who embodies an ancient wisdom. "If she was not a woman," the wind says of Gbessa, "she would be king." In this vibrant story of the African diaspora, Moore, a talented storyteller and a daring writer, illuminates with radiant and exacting prose the tumultuous roots of a country inextricably bound to the United States. She Would Be King is a novel of profound depth set against a vast canvas and a transcendent debut from a major new author. More »
7pm | TEMPE | TWEEN EVENT | DYLAN THURAS | THE ATLAS OBSCURA EXPLORER'S GUIDE FOR THE WORLD'S MOST ADVENTUROUS KID | The co-author of Atlas Obscura presents a kid's illustrated guide to 100 of the world's most mesmerizing and mysterious wonders, both natural and man-made, in 47 countries and on every continent on earth. More »

7pm | PHOENIX | DAN BEACHY-QUICK | OF SILENCE AND SONG | Poet Dan Beachy-Quick reads from his latest book. Midway through the journey of his life, Dan Beachy-Quick found himself without a path, unsure how to live well. Of Silence and Song follows him on his resulting classical search for meaning in the world and in his particular, quiet life. Co-presented by ASU Piper Center. More »
7pm | TEMPE | COMMUNITY MUSIC NIGHT 2018 | Local musicians share acts representing a variety of styles. If you are interested in performing, please send a YouTube link or other recording to pinna.joseph@changinghands.com. More »

10am | TEMPE | FAMILY EVENT | HALLOWEEN STORYTIME WITH K. M. WALDVOGEL | THREE LITTLE GHOSTS | K.M. Waldvogel reads her Halloween picture book and engages little ones in a lively discussion about the antics of three ghosts who decide how to spend their Halloween evening. A fun Halloween craft follows the reading! More »
5:30-8:30pm | TEMPE | TAROT READINGS | Mystic Journeyz with Suzi Coggins. "Your Angels Are Waiting." Cost: $20 for 15 minutes. Registration at 480.730.0205. More info: mysticjourneyz.com.

1pm | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | HALLOWEEN PARTY | Visit our mad scientist's laboratory for Halloween-themed experiments, crafts, and treats (get ready for "ooze" and ahhs)! Costume contest for ghouls and boos! More »

7pm | TEMPE | TEEN EVENT | JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT IN CONVERSATION WITH ALEXANDRA BRACKEN AND SUZANNE YOUNG | THE DARKEST STAR | #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout shares the first installment of her new sci-fi series. A girl pulled into a world she doesn't understand finds herself confronted by long buried secrets and a betrayal that could tear her life apart. More »
7pm | PHOENIX | ELLIOTT NEFF | A PAWN'S JOURNEY | National Chess Master Elliott Neff presents his novel inspired by true-life stories of students' journeys through life, influenced by the game of chess. He demonstrates his "blindfold chess." More »
this month at first draft

October’s Pick:
Lake Success by Gary Shteyngart


Barbara Vanderburg Join us at First Draft Book Bar (the wine and beer bar inside Changing Hands Phoenix) for a discussion of this month's pick, Gary Shteyngart's Lake Success.

Stop by Changing Hands Phoenix or Tempe (or order online) to get your copy of Lake Success for 20% OFF. Then join Arizona Republic reporter Barbara VanDenburgh at First Draft Book Bar (the wine, beer, and coffee bar inside Changing Hands Phoenix) to discuss and enjoy HAPPY HOUR prices all through the event! More »

book coverABOUT THE BOOK | Narcissistic, hilariously self-deluded, and divorced from the real world as most of us know it, hedge-fund manager Barry Cohen oversees $2.4 billion in assets. Deeply stressed by an SEC investigation and by his three-year-old son's diagnosis of autism, he flees New York on a Greyhound bus in search of a simpler, more romantic life with his old college sweetheart. Meanwhile, his super-smart wife, Seema—a driven first-generation American who craved the picture-perfect life that comes with wealth—has her own demons to face. How these two flawed characters navigate the Shteyngartian chaos of their own making is at the heart of this piercing exploration of the 0.1 Percent, a poignant tale of familial longing and an unsentimental ode to what really makes America great. More »

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The Flame: Poems Notebooks Lyrics Drawings

by Leonard Cohen | Hardcover, $28.00 »

The Flame "'Cohen's lyricism was unparalleled. He brought an incredible emotional depth to each of his works, whether poetry or lyrics. Finished before his death, The Flame is a collection of mostly previously unpublished poems and lyrics, as well as lyrics from his final album, You Want It Darker. Reading Cohen is at times akin to a meditative experience, drowning out the noise around you, and folding you into the pages with its rhythm."  —Amy


The Long Path to Wisdom: Tales from Burma

by Jan-Philipp Sendker, Lorie Karnath, Jonathan Sendker, Lisa Liesener (Translated by), Kevin Wiliarty (Translated by) | Paperback, $16.95 »

The Long Path to Wisdom "This is a beautiful collection of tales, just beautiful. Each story is steeped in the culture, geography, wildlife of Burma. You begin to realize that across the globe we have all created stories to guide our lives and to pass on to other generations. You'll feel connected as you rest in these many stories."  —Julie


Friday Black

by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah | Hardcover, $27.00 »

Friday Black "Friday Black is one of the most beautiful collection of stories I've read in quite some time. Every word, every story gave me goosebumps. The stories made my stomach turn and kept me up at night. They are absolutely brutal and stark yet filled with such love and even hope. Friday Black is a wonder, and it makes you re-evaluate everything you think you know about race, Blackness and the American experience."  —Michelle

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah visits Phoenix on Monday, November 19 as part of our First Fiction at First Draft lineup. More info »

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