How to trade books Review carefully as our trade rules have recently changed.

We don't call ourselves Changing Hands for nothing! Bring us your gently used books and, if we can use them, we'll give you store credit that's good for books, gifts, toys, even Changing Hands gift cards. We trade seven days a week, open Monday-Saturday from 11am - 6pm. We are closed on New Years Day.

Our Phoenix location only accepts micro-trades of 15 books or fewer.

For larger trades, please see trading information at Changing Hands Tempe »

What we don't accept
1. Bring your books to our trade counter (open every day from 11am-6pm). We'll sign you up and let you know how long it will take to evaluate your books. During this time, feel free to shop or leave the store, as long as you return the same day to retrieve your credit.*

2. We'll sort through your books — checking their condition, our stock levels, the sale history of the titles, etc. Books we can use will be priced and placed on a shelving cart. You will receive half of this price in credit, which is redeemable for anything in the store.

3. Your credit will be waiting at the trade counter. You can shop the same day, or we can put your credit on a gift card that never expires!

4. Pick up your books. If you want to keep any books that we did not accept, pick them up at the trade counter on your way out. If you don't want your books, and would rather donate them, just leave them at the counter and we'll make sure to give them to a local charity. You're all set!

What we don't accept
We don't accept books with underlining or highlight (inscriptions are okay), books that smell strongly of smoke or pets, or books that are too dirty. Hardcover books that came with a dust jacket must have the jacket in good condition. Paperbacks should not have creased, cracked or broken spines.

Certain books become dated quickly — such as travel guides, guides for tests, software, or hardware, and most business and political books. Unless published within the past year, we don't accept these types of books.

We also don't accept: Book Club editions, library books, magazines, encyclopedias, Readers' Digest condensed books, cassettes, VHS tapes, DVDs, and CDs.

* PLEASE NOTE: We do not hold anything overnight! Your credit and leftover books must be picked up the same day you make your trade.