There's more to a bookstore than the books on the shelves.

When you buy a book from Changing Hands, part of the price you pay goes to:
  • Supporting our friendly, hardworking, knowledgeable staff
  • Supporting programs on local public radio stations KJZZ and KBAQ
  • Supporting local schools and teachers
  • Supporting over 200 local, national and international charities and service organizations

No part of the price you pay goes to:

  • Remote corporate headquarters where decisions are based solely on maximizing profits
  • Absentee owners who don't work in the store or live in the community

At Changing Hands we are dedicated to doing business as a responsible member of our community in a manner that results in making a modest profit without exploiting our employees, our vendors or our customers. When you shop at Changing Hands, you join with us in building community.

Changing Hands Bookstore — an independent community bookstore