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Baby Time Dragon Bones Drink and Draw
Leading "GeroFuturist" and bestselling author Karen Sands in Phoenix Canyon Records concert: Tony Duncan and Jonah Littlesunday Celebrate Valentine's day at a special Olivia storytime and party
Mercy for Animals Dragon Bones Club Read
Comics artist Grant Snider presents his new book of comics Rae Paris shares her book The Forgetting Tree: A Rememory Susan Southard: "Preventing Nuclear War in the Age of Trump"
Canyon Records The Shape of Ideas The Forgetting Tree
Patrisse Khan-Cullors shares her Black Lives Matter memoir Bestselling author Aprilynne Pike presents the sequel to Glitter Phoenix hosts a new Valentine's Day party for bookish singles

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Tony Duncan and Jonah Littlesunday


Canyon Records presents Native American flute player and world champion hoop dancer Tony Duncan in performance with the label's newest artist Jonah Littlesunday.

Duncan will play selections from his new album Purify, and Littlesunday will play songs from his debut flute album Gratitude. More »

coming soon
9:15am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | BABY TIME | Early Literacy Specialists from Phoenix Public Library visit every Thursday to share songs, rhymes, books, and activities to promote movement in toddlers and infants. Also join us in Phoenix at 9:15am on Thursdays, February 15 and 22. More »
10am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | STORYTIME | Join us for interactive storytime for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. More »
Leading "GeroFuturist" and bestselling author Karen Sands presents her new book. From the publisher: "Calling all evolving 'New-Agers!' Be part of shaping the new Ageless story for our times—one that transcends age in the workplace, the marketplace, and in your place! Sands will share hopes, goals, and heartfelt questions about the future and our place in it as we age. It's a must for anyone who wants to Rock Your AGE by radically redefining growing older and by reimagining the future together to transform our evolving world in visionary ways." More »
7pm | TEMPE | CANYON RECORDS CONCERT WITH TONY DUNCAN AND JONAH LITTLESUNDAY | Treat yourself to the best in live local music with a night of Native American flute. Canyon Records and Changing Hands present world champion hoop dancer and award winning artist Tony Duncan, as well as the label's newest artist, Jonah Littlesunday. Both perform selections from their recently released solo flute albums. Tony Duncan features selections from his new CD "Purify" and Jonah Littlesunday performs a collection of songs from his CD "Gratitude." Cost: $9.99 per CD. Purchase of any Canyon Records CD admits two people to the concert. More »

7pm | TEMPE | FRIDAY POETRY | JEANETTE SWAIN NICHOLAS | SEPARATE BIRDS, FRUIT STRANGE AS BLACKBERRY | Jeanette Swain Nicholas reads from her recently published collection Separate Birds, Fruit Strange as Blackberry, a semi-chronological study of differences. The book touches on many themes: "political correctness, segregation, racism, literacy, family, love, homelessness, poverty, drugs, homosexuality, incest, domestic violence, stereotypes, people we know, people we are, and other people." Open reading follows. More »

10am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | VALENTINE'S PARTY AND COSTUME STORYTIME WITH OLIVIA | Celebrate Valentine's day at a special Olivia costume storytime and party! Bring the little ones for cupcake decorating, musical hearts, crafting and more. Cost: FREE. For ages toddler and up. Children ages 6 and under require parental assistance on the craft station. Parents must stay in the Commons, with their children, for the duration of the event. More »
3pm | PHOENIX | GRANT SNIDER | THE SHAPE OF IDEAS | Comics artist Grant Snider, whose work has been featured in the New York Times, the New York Times Book Review, and The Best American Comics 2013, presents his new book. What does an idea look like? And where do they come from? Snider's illustrations will motivate you to explore these questions, inspire you to come up with your own answers and, like all Gordian knots, prompt even more questions. Whether you are a professional artist or designer, a student pursuing a creative career, a person of faith, someone who likes walks on the beach, or a dreamer who sits on the front porch contemplating life, this collection of one- and two-page comics will provide insight into the joys and frustrations of creativity, inspiration, and process—no matter your age or creative background. More »
5:30—8:30pm | TEMPE | TAROT READINGS | Mystic Journeyz with Suzi Coggins. "Your Angels Are Waiting." Cost: $20 for 15 minutes. Registration at 480.730.0205. More info:
7pm | TEMPE | RAE PARIS | THE FORGETTING TREE: A REMEMORY | Rae Paris visits with her new book, a blend of prose, poetry, and images, which she began writing while traveling the United States visiting sites of racial trauma, horror, and defiance. In it, she argues for a deeper understanding of past and present so that we might imagine a more hopeful, sustainable, and loving future. More »

6:30-8:30pm | TEMPE | POETRY ROUNDTABLE | Workshop one of your poems with a group of peers. More info:
7pm | TEMPE | SUSAN SOUTHARD | "PREVENTING NUCLEAR WAR IN THE AGE OF TRUMP" | Amidst current international rhetoric and heightened threats of nuclear war, the Dayton Literary Peace Prize-winning author of Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War discusses how the past can inform us, and what's going on behind the scenes now to avert a nuclear catastrophe. Southard will read short excerpts from Nagasaki and link that historic attack on civilians to ongoing worldwide efforts to reduce the dangers we face today. More »

7pm | OFFSITE | PATRISSE KHAN-CULLORS | WHEN THEY CALL YOU A TERRORIST: A BLACK LIVES MATTER MEMOIR | The artist, organizer, and co-founder of Black Lives Matter shares her memoir, an emotional and powerful story of one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter and how the movement was born. Necessary and timely, Patrisse Khan-Cullors' story asks us to remember that protest in the interest of the most vulnerable comes from love. Leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement have been called terrorists, a threat to America. But in truth, they are loving women whose life experiences have led them to seek justice for those victimized by the powerful. In this meaningful, empowering account of survival, strength, and resilience, Patrisse Khan-Cullors and asha bandele seek to change the culture that declares innocent black life expendable. Location: Orpheum Theatre, 203 W Adams St, Phoenix 85003. More »
7pm | TEMPE | TEEN EVENT | APRILYNNE PIKE | SHATTER | The #1 New York Times bestselling author presents the sequel to Glitter. Breaking Bad meets Marie Antoinette in a near-future world where the residents of Versailles live like it's the 1700s. Danica planned to use beauty, blackmail, and a glittering drug to control her own fate. Her escape from the twisted world of the Palace of Versailles was perfectly orchestrated and paid for. Or so she thought. Betrayed by the man who had promised her freedom, Dani is now married to the murderous king. It's a terrifying position to be in . . . and yet it's oddly intoxicating. Power may be an even stronger drug than Glitter—a drug Dani can't resist, in the form of secrets, manipulation, and sabotage. In her new position at the head of the court, Dani must ask herself who she really is. Can she use her newfound power to secure her real love, Saber's freedom, and a chance at a life together outside the palace? Or is being queen too addictive to give up? More »

7-9:30pm | PHOENIX | READ DATING | You've heard of speed dating, now try Read Dating! Meet your literary match at our non-traditional Valentine's Day party for bookish singles. Join our inclusive group of all romantic orientations for drinks, discussion, and bonding with fellow bibliophiles looking for a new friend or maybe—just maybe—that perfect companion. Cost: $10 per person, includes one glass of beer or wine from First Draft Book Bar. Doors open at 6:30pm. Registration at 602.274.0067 or online. More »

9:15am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | BABY TIME | Early Literacy Specialists from Phoenix Public Library visit every Thursday to share songs, rhymes, books, and activities to promote movement in toddlers and infants. Also join us in Phoenix at 9:15am on Thursday, February 22. More »
10am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | STORYTIME | Join us for interactive storytime for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. More »
7pm | PHOENIX | IN CONVERSATION WITH BRAD SNYDER | NADINE BURKE HARRIS, M.D. | THE DEEPEST WELL: HEALING THE LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF CHILDHOOD ADVERSITY | Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris shares her book linking adverse childhood experiences with harmful health effects later in life. Dr. Burke Harris was already known as a crusading physician delivering targeted care to vulnerable children. But it was Diego, a boy who had stopped growing after a sexual trauma, who galvanized her to dig deeper into the connections between toxic stress and the lifelong illnesses she was tracking among so many of her patients and their families. A survey of more than 17,000 adult patients' adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, showed that the higher a person's ACE score the worse their health, which led Burke Harris to an astonishing breakthrough: childhood stress changes our neural systems and can last a lifetime. For anyone who has faced a difficult childhood, or cares about the millions of children who do, the innovative health interventions outlined in The Deepest Well represent vitally important hope for change. In conversation with Brad Snyder, local child psychologist, author of 5 Simple Truths. More »
7pm | TEMPE | VALERIE BANDURA (HUMAN INTEREST) AND MATT BELL (A TREE OR A PERSON OR A WALL) | Poet Valerie Bandura and fiction writer Matt Bell read from their new work. Valerie Bandura's new collection of poems, Human Interest, offers a glimpse of failed gameshow contestants and bailed-out mortgage lenders, punk rockers and pop stars. A Tree or a Person or a Wall has Matt Bell at his most inventive and uncanny: parents and children, murderers and monsters, wild renditions of the past, and stunning visions of the present, all of which build to a virtuoso reimagining of our world. More »

3pm | TEMPE | TEEN EVENT | TEEN ADVISORY BOARD (T.A.B.): INVICTUS | Teens meet to discuss Ryan Graudin's Invictus, an action adventure that defies time and space. Farway Gaius McCarthy was born outside of time. The son of a time traveler from 2354 AD and a gladiator living in ancient Rome, Far's very existence defies the laws of nature. All he's ever wanted was to explore history for himself, but after failing his entrance exam into the government program, Far will have to settle for a position on the black market, captaining a time-traveling crew to steal valuables from the past. During a routine heist on the sinking Titanic, Far meets a mysterious girl named Eliot who always seems to be one step ahead of him. Eliot has secrets—big ones—that will affect Far's life from beginning to end. Armed with the knowledge that history is not as steady as it seems, she will lead Far and his team on a race through time to set things right before the clock runs out. More »
4pm | TEMPE | ALL AGES EVENT | POP-UP BOOK GROUP: A WRINKLE IN TIME | "It was a dark and stormy night." So famously begins Madeleine L'Engle's 1962 classic sci-fi adventure A Wrinkle in Time, in which child heroine Meg travels through space and time (and battles evil along the way) to find her father, a scientist who's mysteriously disappeared. This beloved children's book and Newbery Medal Winner is getting the Hollywood treatment with a big, splashy blockbuster starring Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and Chris Pine. It looks awesome, but we're firm believers that you should always read the book before seeing the movie. And because reading with friends is more fun, we're holding a special book club to celebrate and discuss A Wrinkle in Time before the film's March 9 release. Join Arizona Republic reporter, First Draft Book Club moderator, and lifelong bookworm Barbara VanDenburgh for a guided conversation about A Wrinkle in Time (think English class, but fun). This event is for all ages, a perfect opportunity if you want to introduce a child to this literary classic or just refresh your own memory. More »
5pm | PHOENIX | LAUGHING DICE CLUB GAME NIGHT | Laughing Dice Club is an open gaming group for tabletop gamers. The group meets monthly to play classic card games, new board games, and everything inbetween. Future meets include special events, play-testing opportunities for new games, and presentations by local tabletop game designers. More »
5:30-8:30pm | TEMPE | TAROT READINGS | James R. Betz offers advice on life, relationships, and career choices. Cost: $20 for 15 minutes. Registration at 480.730.0205. More info: 602.840.2222.


The Largesse of the Sea Maiden: Stories

by Denis Johnson | Hardcover, $27.00 »

Everless This collection of five stories was finished shortly before Johnson's death in 2017. Like several of his other works of fiction, it's likely to add to his list of awards including Pulitzer Prize finalist and the National Book Award. The author spent much of his life in Arizona, saying 'I am convinced that I could stay in Phoenix my whole life without leaving and never be at a loss for anything to write about. There is a lot that goes by that we don't pay attention to because it doesn't affect us directly. Things that if they happened to us would be ... very important events. Those things fascinate me.' They will fascinate you, too, and there's no point in my telling you what these stories are about because they speak so eloquently for themselves.

In the audiobook version each story is read by a different brilliant reader--Nick Offerman, Michael Shannon, Will Patton, Dermot Mulroney and Liev Schreiber. Ask any staff member or visit our website to learn about listening to audiobooks from, the indie bookstore alternative to Amazon's Audible.

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