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Elgin Baylor The SHort List of Certaintes Llama Llama
NBA All-Star Elgin Baylor signs copies of his memoir in Phoenix Join us in Tempe for Friday Poetry with Lois Roma-Deeley Costume storytime with Llama Llama in our Phoenix store
TAB Manfried the Man Atlas of a Lost World
The Teen Advisory Board meets in Tempe to discuss two novels Caitlin Major and Kelly Bastow present their new graphic novel Craig Childs visits with Atlas of a Lost World, chronicling the Ice Age
thedeadgirlinthevacantlot The Genesis Flame Off the Cuff
Author and journalist Jana Bommersbach shares her latest novel Ryan Dalton presents the third installment in his sci-fi mystery series Join us for a family-friendly comedy improv show in Tempe

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Featured Event

Elgin Baylor: Hang Time: My Life in Basketball


author photo
Eleven-time NBA All-Star and Los Angeles Lakers player Elgin Baylor signs copies of his memoir covering an epic all-star career in the NBA—during which he transformed basketball from a horizontal game to a vertical one—and his fights against racism during his career as a player and as general manager of the LA Clippers under the infamous Donald Sterling.

People think of Elgin Baylor as one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game--and one of the NBA's first black superstars--but the full extent of his legacy stretches beyond his spectacular, game-changing shots and dunks. With startling symmetry, Baylor recounts his story: flying back and forth between the U.S. Army and the Lakers, his time as a central figure in the great Celtics-Lakers rivalry and how he helped break down color barriers in the sport, his 1964 All-Star game boycott, his early years as an executive for the New Orleans Jazz, and twenty-two years as general manager for the notorious L.A. Clippers and Donald Sterling, spent fighting to draft and sign young, black phenoms--only to be hamstrung by his boss at every turn.

No one has seen the league change, and has worked to bring change, more than Baylor. Year after year, he continued to fight and persevere against racism. At the beginning of his career, he was forced to stay in separate hotel rooms. From those days to today's superstardom, he has had a front-row view of the game's elevation to one of America's favorite sports. For the first time, Elgin Baylor tells his full story. He's played with the legends, lived with them, and knows more about the NBA than anyone living, and is finally ready to set the record straight. More »


Mother's Day Succulent Planting


author photo
Mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, aunts . . . let's celebrate them all!

Join us in Tempe for a Succulent Planting Party. Select from a range of mini succulents and cheerful mugs from Natural Life. We'll provide potting materials, gift tag, and a cute Natural Life bag for a Mother's Day gift like no other! More »


coming soon
10:30am-12pm | TEMPE | BECOME A DEMENTIA FRIEND | Dementia Friends is a global movement to help communities better understand dementia—how it affects people, and how we can all make a difference in the lives of those living with the disease. After this one-hour class, you too will be a Dementia Friend, ready to turn understanding into practical action! That action can be as big or as small as you choose . . . because every action counts. Dementia Friends Tempe is organized by The City of Tempe. To register, call: 602-839-6850. More »
3:30pm | PHOENIX | SIGNING ONLY | ELGIN BAYLOR | HANG TIME | Eleven-time NBA All-Star and Los Angeles Lakers player Elgin Baylor signs copies of his memoir covering an epic all-star career in the NBA—during which he transformed basketball from a horizontal game to a vertical one—and his fights against racism during his career as a player and as general manager of the LA Clippers under the infamous Donald Sterling. More »
7pm | TEMPE | FRIDAY POETRY | LOIS ROMA-DEELEY | THE SHORT LIST OF CERTAINTIES | Lois Roma-Deeley reads poems from her new collection The Short List of Certainties, which Pulitzer Prize nominated poet Sydney Lea calls "a tour de force." "It's been a long time since a collection has so affected me. Whether she is writing of our twisted relational lives, or of her own seemingly innate sense that something's wrong, Roma-Deeley writes with that curious blend of authority and self-doubt that marks our best poets." Open reading follows. More »

10am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | COSTUME STORYTIME: LLAMA LLAMA | Bring the kiddos and your camera, and join us for stories by Anna Dewdney and pictures with Llama Llama! More »
Mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, aunts . . . let's celebrate them all! Join us in Tempe for a Succulent Planting Party. Select from a range of mini succulents and cheerful mugs from Natural Life. We'll provide potting materials, gift tag, and a cute Natural Life bag for a Mother's Day gift like no other! Cost: $3 to $5 for your choice of succulent and $10-17 for your choice of planter mug. More »
2-3:30pm | PHOENIX | "MOTHERS WHO WRITE" READING | It's a Mother's Day weekend tradition, with a twist. Join current and former members of the Mothers Who Write workshop for a reading of their new work. You'll laugh, you'll cry—and, in Mothers Who Write's new location at the Newton—you'll be able to enjoy beer, wine, coffee, tea, and snacks from Changing Hands' own First Draft Book Bar. Some material not suitable for children (which is usually what happens when mothers speak freely). Bring a mother—your own or someone else's—and buy her a nice glass of something festive! Free and open to the public. More »
3pm | TEMPE | TEEN EVENT | TEEN ADVISORY BOARD (T.A.B.): CADAVER & QUEEN AND THE ASTONISHING COLOR OF AFTER | Teens meet to discuss Alisa Kwitney's Cadaver & Queen. Frankenstein meets Marissa Meyer's Cinder in this tightly paced historical thriller packed with secrets, betrayal, and steamy romance. We'll also discuss Emily X. R. Pan's The Astonishing Color of After, a stunning, heartbreaking debut novel about grief, love, and family. More »
5:30—8:30pm | TEMPE | TAROT READINGS | Mystic Journeyz with Suzi Coggins. "Your Angels Are Waiting." Cost: $20 for 15 minutes. Registration at 480.730.0205. More info:


6:30-9:30pm | PHOENIX | DRINK AND DRAW | First Draft Book Bar presents a night of drinking and drawing for all skill levels, featuring a local model for a three-hour pose. Bring your own supplies. Cost: $8. Registration at 602.274.0067 or online. More »
6:30—8:30pm | TEMPE | POETRY ROUNDTABLE | Workshop one of your poems with a group of peers. More info:
7pm | TEMPE | CAITLIN MAJOR AND KELLY BASTOW | MANFRIED THE MAN | Author and illustrator team Caitlin Major and Kelly Bastow present their new graphic novel. In the world of Manfried the Man, the roles of cats and humans are reversed: humanoid cats are in charge, while tiny, dim-witted, lovable little people are kept as pets. Manfried, a stray man taken in by slacker Steve Catson, becomes the Garfield to his John Arbuckle: lazy, selfish, and sometimes maddening in his weird human behavior. But ultimately the pair depend on each other to get through life's troubles. In this book-length story, Steve finds himself stuck with a dead-end job and nonexistent love-life, while all his friends are moving on, getting better jobs, getting married and having kittens. When Manfried runs away from home, Steve suddenly loses the one constant in his life, and has to muster all his meager resources to find his best friend and bring him home safe. More »

7pm | PHOENIX | CRAIG CHILDS | ATLAS OF A LOST WORLD | The author of Apocalyptic Planet visits with his latest, a vivid travelogue through prehistory that traces the arrival of the first people in North America at least twenty thousand years ago, and the artifacts that tell of their lives and fates. Childs upends our notions of where these people came from and who they were. How they got here, persevered, and ultimately thrived is a story that resonates from the Pleistocene to our modern era. In Atlas of a Lost World, Childs chronicles the last millennia of the Ice Age, the violent oscillations and retreat of glaciers, the clues and traces that document the first encounters of early humans, and the animals whose presence governed the humans' chances for survival. A blend of science and personal narrative reveals how much has changed since the time of mammoth hunters—and how little. Across unexplored landscapes yet to be peopled, readers will see the Ice Age, and their own age, in a whole new light. First Draft Book Bar Tap take over with AZ Wilderness Brewery. Co-presented by AZ Wilderness Brewery. More »
7pm | TEMPE | BLONDY BARUTI | THE INCREDIBLE TRUE STORY OF BLONDY BARUTI: MY UNLIKELY JOURNEY FROM THE CONGO TO HOLLYWOOD | Guardians of the Galaxy 2 actor Blondy Baruti shares his debut, a memoir covering his boyhood in the war-torn Congolese jungles to America and onto the silver screen. Blondy Baruti's boyhood in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was shaped by a desperate ordeal to survive. After marauding soldiers invaded his village, he, his mom, and his sister fled to the jungle and trekked countless miles to escape the atrocities and violence—only to encounter more unspeakable horrors at every turn. Their odyssey ended some sixteen months later when they finally reached safety—but Blondy's journey had only just begun. More »

7pm | PHOENIX | JANA BOMMERSBACH | THEDEADGIRLINTHEVACANTLOT | The local author and journalist discusses her latest novel. Phoenix investigative reporter Joya Bonner knew nothing about the world of sex-trafficking—or the ugly status her city held in this filthy underground. And then it smacked her in the face, just as the Super Bowl was coming to town in 2008. Scared, repulsed, frantic, but determined, she risks her life trying to save girls forced into sex slavery. Jana speaks about her research and agony in writing this novel at this, the official launch of thedeadgirlinthevacantlot. More »

6:30pm | PHOENIX | "RAMBUNCTIOUS PRESS" LAUNCH | Join us in Tempe to celebrate the launch of the Leona Group's online literary arts journal. Rambunctious Press features poetry, artwork, stories, photography, and video production from students in the East Valley, and across Arizona. More »
SOLD OUT | 6:30-8:30pm | PHOENIX | WRITING WORKSHOP | AMY SILVERMAN AND DEBORAH SUSSMAN | WRITE NOW! | Amy Silverman and Deborah Sussman present a four-session workshop offering tips and tricks to get you started on a summer writing project. From prompts designed to get you writing in class to a brainstorming discussion that will help you figure out next steps (start a blog? submit a story for publication? write a book proposal? make a goal to journal? create a writing group?) and several opportunities to workshop essays, this class will help you figure out your next step. Cost: $80 for four sessions. May 17, 24, 31, and June 7. Register at 602.274.0067 or online. More »
7pm | TEMPE | TEEN EVENT | RYAN DALTON | THE GENESIS FLAME (TIME SHIFT TRILOGY #3) | The local author presents the third installment of his sci-fi mystery series. The timeline is burning. While teenage twins Malcolm and Valentine Gilbert struggle to reach their full potential, an enemy accuses them of attacking his future, and his quest for vengeance threatens the timeline. To survive, the twins must learn the truth about themselves and their mysterious accuser. Failure could mean the end of Time itself. More »

7-9pm | PHOENIX | STORYLINE SLAM | SERVICE | 10 STORYTELLERS. 6 MINUTES. 1 WINNER. Sign up on to tell a story. Eight names will be drawn from the Electronic Hat and posted the weekend before on the SLAM lineup page. Two more names will be drawn at the beginning of the show on May 18th. Ten tellers will then have six minutes each to share a story based on the theme "Service." Five members of the audience will be the judges, and the story with the most points at the end of the show receives a $30 cash prize! Cost: $6 in advance, $8 at the door. Registration at 602.274.0067 or online. More »

1-3:30pm | TEMPE | TAROT WORKSHOP | SUZI COGGINS | "LEARN TO READ RIDER-WAITE TAROT CARDS WITHOUT MEMORIZING ANYTHING" | Journey with Suzi to the place she goes to when doing her readings. According to Suzi: "In the first part of the workshop, you'll be taken to meet your spirit guides through guided meditation. This is the most important part of reading Tarot. Most importantly, this is the place where your spirit guides can talk to you directly. The second part of the class will be learning how to read Tarot cards with the assistance of those guides." Cost: $30. Registration at 480.730.0205 or online. More »
5:30-8:30pm | TEMPE | TAROT READINGS | James R. Betz offers advice on life, relationships, and career choices. Cost: $20 for 15 minutes. Registration at 480.730.0205. More info: 602.840.2222.


Tin Man

by Sarah Winman | Hardcover, $23.00 »

Our Kind of Cruelty This novel is an emotional roller coaster ride but instead of screaming, you'll find yourself gasping as you read. Quiet gasps at the language, at the beautiful story that unfolds, for the intense longing that you feel for the characters and the landscape, and the depth of feeling you'll experience as you read. Winman is a master storyteller and her language and pacing are extraordinary. Her words read like poetry with an intensity that moved me to tears. 'The bats have claimed the sky from the swallows and the smell of lavender and sweetness rises from the earth. I stand at the window.' Please try this novel and share it with those you love intensely.  —Gayle

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