Remarkable Reads Horror Bundle

Do you like scary, spooky reads? Do you like things that haunt you in the night? Then our Remarkable Reads Horror Bundle is for you! It’s a carefully curated package of our favorite most frightful reads published this year. Gift yourself, a friend or a loved one a book bundle of creepy reads this Halloween season!

Book Bundle

Our Remarkable Horror Reads Bundle includes:
  • Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
    Bookseller Quinn says “this atmospheric horror story pays tribute to the Gothic writers of the past. Set in the misty mountains of Mexico, and in the creepiest house imaginable, this story will take you on an utterly hypnotic and unsettling adventure. You won't be able to put this book down as you dive deeper and deeper with our heroine, Noemi—until you discover the truth about the family that lives at High Place.”

    Fun fact: Mexican Gothic is currently in development as a Hulu original limited series produced by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Read it before you see it!
  • The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones
    This novel comes highly recommended by receiver Alison and book buyer Michelle. Alison calls it “gruesome and haunting,” while Michelle says: “It’s not just a horror novel. It’s a revenge novel and satire that does on the page what Jordan Peele does on the screen. This book is bloody but poignant.”

    Fun fact: Silvia Moreno-Garcia, whose Mexican Gothic is part of this bundle, also recommends The Only Good Indians, saying: “Fans of Stephen King's It and Peter Straub's Ghost Story will find plenty to love in this tale of friends who are haunted by a supernatural entity they first encountered in their youth.”
  • Where the Wild Ladies Are by Aoko Matsuda
    This is not your traditional horror novel. It’s a collection of ghost stories that are in fact retellings of Japanese folklore and myth, but told through the bodies of dead women. These ghostly undead are uninhibited in death, and can wreak havoc on those around them. “Monsters and myth and shapeshifting figures abound. It’s subversive supernatural fiction at its finest!”

    Fun fact: If the title sounds vaguely familiar to the classic children's story, Where the Wild Things Are, that was done on purpose. Read the book to find out why.